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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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WC: Sheriff of SexyTown

White Collar boys being their sexy adorkable selves..

LOLZ... This truly makes my day, truly... there's absolutely nothing better :) How fantastic is the new season huh?!? Gah I need new WC icons.  

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OMG!!! That was....wow!!! Those guy just so adorable really!!! :) I can't believe I've been missing the 2nd season so far!!:( I am totally gonna depend on Megavideo!!

I've been wondering...is it just me or does Neal Caffrey remind anyone else of Gambit? Like he's a con artist, a thief and super intelligent one at that, he's charming and a shameless flirt (he's totally coquettish with Peter too, what with the note with a xoxo and all :D), he has mesmerizing eyes (I saw this youtube fan video and the song was 'Cowboy casanova'. Devil in disguise, snake with blue eyes, indeed!). You know, you get the idea. I certainly won't mind seeing him flirt with Marsden (Cyclops) and Jackman (Wolverine)!! :D *Sighs dreamily*

Do you think Matt Bomer can sing too?? Won't it would be a treat to see those 3 sing and dance!!! *Dies and goes to heaven* Okay!! I'll shut up now!:-|

Hmm... the characters do have some similarities. But I guess I think of Neal Caffrey as slightly more fragile than Gambit who I think is a tough nut :) But hey who doesn't like to see two/three hot men together and Marsden, Jackman and Bomer are DEFINITELY hot men :D

Haha.. I think Matt's a God and he can do pretty much anything he wants to :D:D

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