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SPN: Wee Sam and Dean

Wish-list for SPN S6

1. Ben turns out to be Dean's son
2. Lisa does NOT die or get killed by a demon just to prompt Dean to start hunting again
3. Dean finds Sam completely by accident, and at first Sam really doesn't want to be found :)
4. Sam and Dean hug, like really hug
5. The anti-Christ kid returns
6. Brady returns in a flashback from Stanford (Eric Johnson OMG OMG OMG!!)
7. Dad makes an appearance, I don't care how big a star Jeff Morgan is, surely he can squeeze in a cameo for the show that kicked it all off for him!
8. Sam and Dean and John hug, like really hug
9. They find God, who turns out to be Alanis Morrisette. Wait that's been done. Fine but God should be a SHE to redeem the show of all its misogynistic allegations :D:D
10. God brings Gabriel back
11. Sam admits to Dean he will always need his big brother to watch over him
12. Sam and Dean hug again, a lot.

PS: I made a wishlist for S3 too apparently, and then maybe lost interest or just resigned myself to the fact that the show will never be what I want it to be. Thank God for fanfiction ;)

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Oh yeah I totally forgot about Castiel. He needs to come back too :)

You're actually right - I don't care if its the Trickster who survives or Gabriel the archangel - I like that actor and I like the exasperatingly adorable wickedness of that character ;) So yeah, he just needs to be back somehow.

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