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SPN: Wee Sam and Dean

Wish-list for SPN S6

1. Ben turns out to be Dean's son
2. Lisa does NOT die or get killed by a demon just to prompt Dean to start hunting again
3. Dean finds Sam completely by accident, and at first Sam really doesn't want to be found :)
4. Sam and Dean hug, like really hug
5. The anti-Christ kid returns
6. Brady returns in a flashback from Stanford (Eric Johnson OMG OMG OMG!!)
7. Dad makes an appearance, I don't care how big a star Jeff Morgan is, surely he can squeeze in a cameo for the show that kicked it all off for him!
8. Sam and Dean and John hug, like really hug
9. They find God, who turns out to be Alanis Morrisette. Wait that's been done. Fine but God should be a SHE to redeem the show of all its misogynistic allegations :D:D
10. God brings Gabriel back
11. Sam admits to Dean he will always need his big brother to watch over him
12. Sam and Dean hug again, a lot.

PS: I made a wishlist for S3 too apparently, and then maybe lost interest or just resigned myself to the fact that the show will never be what I want it to be. Thank God for fanfiction ;)

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Hehe well.. so long we concur on the hugging ;-D:D

I like Lisa. Far as all of Dean's love interests go, Cassie was my absolutely favorite, I did not much care for that angel girl - whatever her name was, hated Bela, loved Jo of course, and I like Lisa.

i loved bella, i dont think though she was a love interest, but as a pain in the ass for the winchesters? she had class! so much better than some demons...

cassie was great, i could see dean with her. jo could have worked but she was too young, had the whole sister brother vibe going...

my problem with lisa is that she came out of nowhere. dean had a one night stand of sorts, ben might be his son, well that happens. but him loving her? that is a stretch. at least with what they have shown us...really, so not believable and that is why i dont like her.

give fans some credit and at least dont play us for dumb! please :)

but we totally agree on the hugging part, the boys need to hug a lot more! but i think once sam and dean meet up again, the wont hug, there will be punches! and i cant say that i would blame dean...

if it goes like this: sam not telling dean that he is alive for whatever reason...bad...dean has the right to hit!

of course then there should be hugging! make them hug! :)

Haha. Well I guess we will just have to agree to disagree about Bela and Lisa.

And I don't think of myself as a dumb fan but I do buy the possibility that Dean has always had a soft corner for Lisa more than the other one-night stands he's had. And because he's always wanted a family of his own, the added factor of Ben just makes her love Lisa more. I actually adore that idea very very much.

but i think once sam and dean meet up again, the wont hug, there will be punches! and i cant say that i would blame dean...
Hehe yes - that is very possible and I won't blame Dean for decking Sam either!

Witch story yeah... still stuck in an endless queue of all my WIPs! :) Sorry.. I'm hoping to get back to it and the XMen story after my bigbang is done and posted.

tell me more about ur bigbang! summary please? when is posting date? i need something good to read! :)

Posting date is 8th Aug hon and I'm nowhere near done yet or I would have shared a draft with you. Sorry!! I'm really slow this time and RL is kicking my arse so... here's the summary for now.

[J2 AU] When Jensen Ackles, a celebrated New York artist, brought a twenty year-old boy called Tristan into his home, he never imagined he’d end up with a broken heart, and some broken bones to go with it. His despair drove him all the way to Paris but never left him. Two years later, he returns to where it all started, hoping that somehow, facing his demons might spring his muse loose so he could paint once again. But it’s still not working, and he’s still miserable and lonelier than ever. And as if that isn’t enough, there is this homeless guy that keeps stalking him, hanging around his place all day long, staring at him with blank, spark-less, hazel eyes…

this sounds great! i cant wait :)

oh em...any eta on the witch riding the back story? the one with pogue? hm?

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