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Interesting Reads - Highly Recommended!!

1. If you haven't already, check this out: How to keep someone with you forever
Truly insightful.. especially the part about Keeping the crises rolling. This is how employees like me get screwed by their companies over and over and over again. Although the lovers' angle is rather interesting and worth a try hehe ;)

2. And this Bigbang (J2 AU) story by astrangerfate called Things We Can't Untie
I am not just reccing it because Cam's a friend, but because this one's a must read for J2 fans who're taking a break from the usual stereotypical stories and are craving something original and unique. Don't let the sex slave premise deter you from giving this a try because at no point is Jared's spirit broken nor Jensen heartless. Fact that's just it - for a sex slave, Jared has too much spirit and for a slave trainer, Jensen has too much heart :) It is a cute developing-love story, super hot in places and perfectly interspersed with smart and witty political commentary that really makes you think. Which then easily melts right back into hotness completely derailing your big wordy thoughts ;) The writing style is clean and memorable without being overly dramatic, except at the end - those last few pages literally had me on the edge of my seat! And I was smiling for a long while way past the finish line. To me this one's definitely for keeps, an outright winner in every way possible.

I'd love to hear what you think... until then happy reading! :)
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