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Tip: Don't google yourself on a bad hair day

Guess most of us wish at some level that we could make everyone happy, that we could be 100% liked or at the very least 'not hated' by ALL our bosses and friends and lovers, readers... Well, news flash, something I realized pretty recently myself actually: There are much, much, MUCH better things to pursue in life than approval of people I don't care about or even know.

Ignore me, I'm just letting off steam after getting panned (not very constructively) for my sub-par writing skills by some anons who were feeling particularly bitchy and decided ruining someone else's day would make them feel so much better. Not contesting their rights to express an opinion, mind you, even though they are little chicken-shits who won't afford the people they're trashing the same rights. Why do they get to be anonymous and their so-called victims don't? Hell, I'mma express my opinion anyway, and know what I think? I think these anons are either bottom!Jensen fanatics (the most intolerant kinds, in which case I'm ecstatic to hear I annoy them so much hehe) or just insecure folks (most likely losers in real life) who need to pull others down (anonymously) in order to feel superior. I bloody know I'm not perfect, I don't need to be made to feel worse about it than I do as it is. But I also know some of my imperfect stories do bring a smile or two to a few readers' faces and it's what maybe, hopefully they will remember me for. You on the other hand, carry on with your anonymous hating of everything and everyone who has balls to put something of their own out there with their bloody NAME on it, but that's all you will ever be... ANONYMOUS and completely FORGETTABLE.

*exhales* That felt good.

Just a fair warning to you gentle folks tho.. I have still NOT stopped writing, and unfortunately I never will heh. Because there's one person I need to continue seeking approval from... myself. *shrugs* And it's not even such a hardship seeing how incredibly easy I am to please, really low standards and all heh. All I need is porn!!

Good thing I don't do this for a living, huh. *snorts, craving badly for a smoke*
Tags: rant: anon hating

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