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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Haz Coffee

Randomized rambling - lots of it.

1. I managed to send out my bigbang on time, whew. It's nowhere near done tho - got lots to flesh out before it'll be ready to be posted. But both May and June are going to be very bad for me work-wise so I requested Wendy to give me a time-slot after July. Of course the more time I think I have the more I procrastinate *rolls eyes* ;)

2. So to shed some light on why work is so bad for me these days, I'm working with a boss who's based on the West Coast. San Francisco to be exact, and the 8-hour time difference coupled with the 5-hour time difference I have with my team in India basically translates into a 13 hour work day, every day. *sighs* To top it all, this boss of mine.. he's an asshole!!!! A class one bona fide asshole. So hey, any of you guys living in California... promise my second-born to you in exchange for running him over with your car. Seriously... ;)

3. Has anyone else been watching Vampire Diaries? I love the show, although I haven't been able to convince myself to write for it yet. But seeing how once again my tastes are running exact opposite to the rest of this fandom, I might have to jump into the foray pretty soon. What do I mean? Oh, the usual... everyone is slashing Damon/Stefan with Damon on top, whereas I see nothing but a bratty bossy bottom in Ian Somerhalder hehe ;) So there. Anyone know of any great bottom!Damon fics, please please do clue me in! 

4. And finally, one last request. See this Jared+Gen icon?

This was made by rach_lin_ackles  based off some pictures she got from ckll . Unfortunately Jasmine and I are no longer friends and I can't find the pictures anywhere else. My question is - are these pics supposed to be in the public domain at all? If yes, um, could you please let me know where I can find them? But if they aren't supposed to be public then never mind. They just look so darn CUTE together! :))     

Hope you guys are all doing well and having fun! magser said something the other day that rang very very true for me. Like her, I too am constantly amazed and shocked people haven't yet de-friended this LJ that almost never gets updated these days. I keep thinking pretty soon you guys will come to your senses and leave haha. No I'm kidding :-p Thank you for sticking around and even if you don't in future, here's hoping there is always at least one fandom we continue to share :) Cheers guys.

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I am you to your gmail emailing about number 4;)...and dont worry, I'm still here....

Ok in english I am telling you i am emailing your gmail...


I think they are private but only from what I've read.

Afraid I don't watch VD (sounds like a disease :D) I only have eyes for SPN!!!

Glad you got your draft off in time.

Damn that's a long day and the time difference must be a total bummer!


I actually almost didn't make it - the bigbang deadline, also thanks to my crazy work hours. I figured I would just aim for San Francisco midnight since that would give me about 8 hours extra. Except the stupid boss sent more work (yes, over the weekend) which delayed my estimates and I barely got through!

Oh well.. yikes VD? :D Let's just call it TVD like the rest of the world alright? :) And it's actually not so bad.. good to kill time while waiting for SPN to download hehe ;)

Hi, sorry I haven't been around of late . . . Hangs head in shame cos I've still got recent fics of yours to catch up on & I'm pretty sure I didn't get around to finishing 'Sleeping with the Enemy' either.

Well done on getting your BB in on time, you did well considering your work hours.

I got mine in too with just 4 mins to spare. . . yeah, you read that correctly! Never really written anything other than the NaMoWriMo thingy last November (which was for my eyes only) and decided to continue with that. That was until I became really ill back at the end of January and felt then I couldn't do BB (or much of anything else) after all but on Saturday 1st of May at 8 bloody 30 pm for some twisted reason I decided to enter after all, with just 3 and half hours to go!!!!

I deleted over 30,000 words of my NaNoWriMo and ended up writing just over another 18,000 words, so it's nearly 40,000 words in total. I think it's a big steaming pile of poo and I'm worried sick about what others will think, plus I need to find a beta but it's sent so there isn't much I can do now.

I have those pics on my HD, it looks as if magser is sending you them but if the Irish tart doesn't come through (she knows I don't mean it & likes it when I can her names!!) I can upload the file for you.

As for de-friending, forget it! You're are my go-to-bottom!Sammy-Jared-woman. :) x

Sweetheart!! I'm so glad you decided to write!! :) Yayy am so looking forward to reading your bigbang!! :D *claps excitedly*

Actually I didn't get mine beta'd before sending out either - something I plan to do approx. a month from now since I still have some bit of writing left to do. Hey I'd love to be one of your betas if you like... I am just having a very hectic 2 months like I said before so if you could wait a couple weeks maybe? I would completely understand if that is too late tho :)

Hehe yeah magser sent them to me. I fee guilty wanting to look at them *is sheepish* but I haven't actually seen Jared and Gen together anywhere else and it's almost shocking how perfect they look together to me now :) Course he's a big boy and she's rather delicate in comparison but the way he's looking at her... very adorable.

*hugs* Glad you're staying sweetie :)

Those pictures are engagement photos that were hacked - they were never actually officially released or anything like that!

Like her, I too am constantly amazed and shocked people haven't yet de-friended this LJ that almost never gets updated these days

I feel the same way a lot, because I friended like the entire Supernatural fandom and now only mostly post about Kris Allen, with little blurbs about Supernatural after episodes. But I'm glad that a lot of my old flisters are still around :D

Oh, ah, well... *is sheepish* I just some of them :) They look perfect together though and I am a big Jared supporter which means I'm fully supportive of his relationships as well. No ill intentions from me I can promise you that!! :)

Kris Allen? Oh the American Idol winner last year... wow I don't know anyone as crazy as you then sweetie :)

Because I always respond to things in reverse order: I AM NEVER EVER DEFRIENDING YOU. Get used to it. ♥

4) I do not know, but how cute.

3) Have never watched it, but I see Ian Somerhalder as more of a bottom too. *sigh* You and me, darling, why is it we're never on the popular side of affairs? (Except with the Neal/Peter. *grins*)

2) OMG. I could not handle that schedule. *hugs you* If I move to California, I'll let you know. :P

1) SUPERFANTASTIC CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!!! !!! *\o/* SO proud of you, dear! And I will be superhappy to beta as much as you like, starting next Monday. :D

Haha.. yeah you better not or I'll be stalking you for ever and ever! :P

Except Neal/Peter indeed! That's one pairing I'm glad people actually agree with me on hehe ;) God Neal is so frikkin cute!!

And yes I will need beta support for sure. So I will reach out to you when I think it's in a beta-worthy position hehe. Thank you so so much sweetie :) *smishes*


Dick of a boss: Booo. :( I'm sorry he's being such a thundercunt babe <3 *biiiig hugs*

Thundercunt! ROTFL!!! :D I love that word :)

Thanks sweetie. How're you doing? *hugs*

LOL! I live in California I'll run your boss over with my car. How does tomorrow sound? There's nothing I despise more then a horrible boss, but anyway, in all seriousness sorry about your work problems, hope things get better.

And I watch Vampire Diaries and although I haven't gotten to the point of thinking of Damon and Stefan as slashable, after the last episode I most certainly see Damon as the bottom, if I were to ever read any fics like that anyway. There's just a closeness missing to me between them, that makes it hard for me to imagine them together like that, or wanting to read about them like that, that closeness has been with Sam and Dean since episode 1 though, and I like that you go against the grain when it comes to these types of pairings. I'll keep my eyes open for any fics with Damon as the bottom, maybe someday you'll be able to write one.

Ah, and the engagement pictures I hadn't even seen them, but that is a cute icon.

Tomorrow is today so yes it sounds perfect!! :D:D Well, you know, one can dream *sighs* ;)

You know you're right.. the brothers just don't have the same dynamic as the Winchesters. But I'm thinking there is more under the surface which hasn't, well, surfaced yet :D Let's see how they do.. its only the first season. And yeah, I will buzz you the day I get that bottom!Damon fic written hehe..

cheers sweetie :) *hugs*

Hi, Sweetie!!! *waves madly*

You is ALIVE!! And WRITING! And working TOO HARD!

I will ask around for the pics it you want.

Hey you!! :) Yeah I'm still kicking! Well, barely :D:D How are you doing hon? You haven't been much around either!! Oh and thanks but magser sent me the pics so I'm good :) *hugs*

Aw! That is just the cutest icon! they're adorable together!

I know right? :) Plus they look so very happy.. very cute. How've you been hon?

Hey, you! I'm about an hour from San Francisco - send me a picture, LOL. :) And nope, no defriending - I'm a loyal stalker. Besides, I've been pretty bad about updating myself until recently, so I get it. RL just gets in the way. But I'm always happy to see your posts, whether we share fandoms or not. *hugs you*

PS: I saw your boy in Death At A Funeral, and he was indeed the show-stealer. :)

*giggles* I shall send you the address and phone number and everything ;)

Thanks you're still around sweetie! I know you've been writing in Justified these days, I'm planning to start downloading after SPN ends heh.

My boy is absolutely the best isn't he? :D:D I'm so glad he's doing well and some more people (other than me that is) have started to recognize his name hehe :)

So how's RL treating ya sweetie? How's the family? *hugs*

Just waded through piles of stuff to locate this entry again so that I could send a "hello" your way (hadn't realised you posted so many days ago - so much for my keeping track skills). Lovely to hear from you again and I'm really, really looking forward to reading your big bang. Doesn't matter what it's about, I know I'll love it. I wouldn't worry about the scarcity of your posts on LJ. I'm a bit of a slacker in that regard too. Doesn't mean I'm not interested - just lazy, I guess.
Oh, and the Jared/Gen photos are completely adorable. I love the way Jared is stooping to reach her. Ahh... young love.... *sigh*

HELLO!!! :) And now I'm sorry for responding so late sweetie. I'm glad you're still around and no matter how rarely we talk, I'm always happy to hear from you :) Bigbang yeah... wish me luck that I find the time to finish it in time for posting hehe. Actually it is in August so I do have time. Still, *fingers crossed*

And what else is new with you sweetie? *hugs*

Its always great hearing from you... even if its every now and then... I dont even write on my LJ, cause I dont think anyone even looks... that and I only have to friends on my list you being one of them. So if we use our LJ's every blue moon just to say hi, share thoughts, and enjoy good stories, its very worth it to me.
PS: I cannot wait to read ur bigbang story. :)

Sorry for the late reply hon.. I'm always apologizing for being late these days heh *palms face*. Everything you said!! It's good enough for me that my friends drop in to say hi now and then..

PS: I cannot wait to read ur bigbang story. :)
Thanks! Hope you're not disappointed :) cheers hon!

Hi sweetie :) Firstly, congrats on your big bang! It's an accomplishment and I am looking forward to reading your's :). As for vampire diaries, I've never seen it but I can always relate when you're rooting for an opposite taste to the fandom in general. If you ever have the inspiration, you should definitely go for the bottom Damon!

As to the people remaining friends with you, I think it's because they are in love with your stories and you as a person :). I have met you but from the time that I have spent here and at your now deleted personal journal, I have found you nothing but genuine and lovely :). Although I do wonder the same thing about my lj, especially these days when my updates are scarce.

I hope you're well hon :)

P.S. please forgive me if I don't reply, it's not because I'm ignoring you but I'm not getting any lj notification these days=/

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