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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Striking blue eyes

Jimmy's new movie!!!

Haven't seen it yet, but Jimmy is getting rave reviews for his performance :)

"... These two popular comic actors wisely leave most of the amusing parts of the movie to its strong supporting cast. And James Marsden steps up to steal the show, which seems to be happening often lately. (If you don’t believe me, just check out Enchanted and Hairspray.)

Marsden plays Oscar, the fiancé of the dead man’s niece (Zoe Soldana). He goes from being a perfectly normal guy to someone accidentally under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug. Although not a pretty sight, this is the funniest performance of the year to date. I bent over laughing every time Marsden appeared on camera."

:D:D Way to go sweetie...

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(Deleted comment)
*hugs and kisses* Love you sweetie. And yeah Jimmy is getting better and better with every movie.


Thanks for the link!

:D You're very welcome hon. Did you see the movie?

No, not yet but I really want to now.

If I were the guy in the coffin, I'd certainly wake myself up and tell those living people to shut up and leave the poor dead alone.:P

Btw, James is SOOOOO CUTE.:D

Haha.. the movie isn't all that great. But oh my god Jimmy is just yummy!! :)

who? never heard of the guy

I was kind of nervous when I heard that Marsden was doing Alan Tudyk's role. Watched the original a long time back and thought Tudyk was awesome. I absolutely love Marsden and hoped to hell this movie turns out well for him. And now am so relieved. I mean, even the bad reviews think Marsden stole the show. Way to go Jimmy!!! Now I sincerely hope someone wakes up and decides gives Jimmy the sole lead in a full blown comedy movie. The guy deserves it!!!

You're so right hon, Jimmy deserves so much much more!! I hope his performance stands out and is remembered even if this movie sinks.

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