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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam S4 - sad face grey tshirt

Venting damn it!

The panic room is Sam's thing. It's just... damn it, it is Sam's! NOT Dean's! SAM'S!!!!! 

Three stupendously disappointing episodes in a row and the next week's trailer is putting me off already. C'mon show! Just.. COME ON!!!


I miss White Collar :(

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Well I was afraid something like this might happen to SPN after all...I mean of course it's good for a show, when it gets renewed for a new season...except I think that they've kind of run out of stories. The boys have come back several times from the dead, God is missing, they killed of Ellen and Joe, the angels...I get the impression that the writers themselves have no clue, where the whole story is going.
Although the whore of Babylon was a good story in itself, they just messed up the episode. And I agree that was totally untypical for Dean, especially after Sam broke down and told him that he needed his brother...

I'm just really glad Doctor Who is back! ;-P

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