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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Imma die nao, kay. *moans*

I'm in LOVE!!! Yes, again. With this man...

God how can he be so humble and shy, so modest? Does he not watch his own effortlessly-brilliant work? Does he not see himself in the mirror? Does he forget he went to friggin' Carneghie Mellon??


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He's... wah! I have no words. He's gorgeous, a brilliant actor, an amazing singer, great at sports! And according to Tim DeKay, he has IQ of 180 (as Tim said in the web chat). And he's still so... unassuming, as Jeff Eastin called him. Like OMG, he's amazing! How can he be so normal and not at all full of himself when so many lesser actors are? It's... I'm smitten! And the fact that he's - allegedly - gay makes him even cuter in my eyes! \o/

IQ of 180! :) You know I can totally believe that. Every single interview I've seen of him - he seems so eloquent and sorted and I just LOVE the humility in his voice and his body language. Just... *sighs*... the man pushes all the right buttons with me!!! And it's what I love about the show too... SMART is FRIGGIN' HOT!!! :D:D

Yeah I read about those rumors too and saw the pictures and you know I honestly don't care either way. He's just.. gah... absolutely adorable!!!! *melts* :D:D

So true, I want to squish him silly! And it's weird - he never really clicked for me in Chuck as Bryce Larkin. Oh, he was cute and gorgeous and so athletic but... Though I was sad when they killed him for real this time over there :( But as Neal... Mwa! \o/

Yeah I never watched Chuck, and I'm wondering maybe I should download just Matt's episodes and watch them too :D Can you say hopelessly smitten? *shakes head* ;)

Watch at least the first 5 minutes of the first episode of Chuck. Matt's doing most of his stunts there - and it's a kick-ass action sequence!

Love him in his glasses!

Thanks for sharing the video.

Hmm.. 4 responses from a list of 400+ friends :D:D Not that most people are active anyway but it gives me an idea of how small this fandom is right now. But know what, I BLOODY DON'T CARE! :) I LOOOOOOVE THIS GUY!!!!! *squees uncontrollably*

Alright I'm done, I'll stop shrieking like a twelve year old now ;P

You're super welcome hon. Glad to share another fandom with you!! :) *hugs*

I have 400+ friends now too, and I hardly ever talk to any of them, but I keep them just in cast. You're one of two SPN friends who have gotten hooked by WC. The other is kelly_girl, and if you haven't checked out her fic, do. She writes sex like somebody who's had a lot of experience and her Neal/Peter always sends my finger's south, if you know what I mean.

I have some good quality, very squeeing WC friends now because I friended everybody whose posts I liked or who responded to my posts and talked to me a few times. I haven't met a rotten egg over here yet, no prima donnas, no cliques, not a single bitch. Everyone is just friendly and awesome and looking for somebody to play with.

You're so right. Matt Bomer give me a serious boner. He's beautiful, kind, smart and mature. I love the fact that's he's a gay man raising children with his long term partner. I think it really influences his chemistry with Tim DeKay who is just a lovey dovey, very physically affectionate man.

You can tell I'm into it because I'm rambling on and on and on like I used to do about Jared.

How many episodes have you seen so far?

Mmph, YES. He IS amazing, and those glasses! Adorable! I've been watching since the start, and he's totally brilliant.

I swear I start melting just thinking about him!! He IS brilliant in every sense of the word isn't he? I especially like how effin' SMART and sorted he is. That's my biggest turn on in men in general ;)

he's so cute and modest at the same time *_*
& love the glasses! xD
and White Collar is so totally great show x3 yey

The glasses are frikkin adorable!!! :) Seriously I never thought I could fall this hard for someone on TV hehe... WORD about the show too! :)

Nice clip. Love the show. Matt is super hot - and has a very spankable ass. ;)

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