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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JP: tilted head

SPN fic: Rarely pure, never simple (see warnings)

Title: Rarely pure, never simple
Summary: Gen. Sam gets hurt on a hunt because he neglects to share something important with his family.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Domestic discipline (spanking)
Author Notes: Written for luvspnl's SPN spanking prompt: “Pure”. Rest of the table found here. Title inspired by Oscar Wilde’s famous quote: The truth is rarely pure, and never simple. Hopefully when you read the story it would make sense. Rush job, unbeta’d. You’ve been warned.
Word Count: 2890

Read on AO3...

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This was great. Bruno's thoughts had me laughing. If he only knew the real Winchesters! Poor Sam; a virgin at 16 and embarassed to tell him father and brother. Dean better go easy on him or he'll find himself on the bed and Sam out shopping! LOL thanks for sharing!

Yep.. Bruno got everything wrong hehe. Thanks for reading and reviewing hon. I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

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