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JP: tilted head

SPN fic: Rarely pure, never simple (see warnings)

Title: Rarely pure, never simple
Summary: Gen. Sam gets hurt on a hunt because he neglects to share something important with his family.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Domestic discipline (spanking)
Author Notes: Written for luvspnl's SPN spanking prompt: “Pure”. Rest of the table found here. Title inspired by Oscar Wilde’s famous quote: The truth is rarely pure, and never simple. Hopefully when you read the story it would make sense. Rush job, unbeta’d. You’ve been warned.
Word Count: 2890

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Hello Hon! How are you? :D

Hey sweetie! :) I'm good, how are you?? :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed this story.
Dean ordering Sam to get off his pants is always fun isn't it? ;P

Oh this was fantastic! I love the idea that Sam risked his own life and his families on the hunt. I know it's happened before but usually it's to do with not learning latin or forgetting a weapon or something. The whole concept of him being a virgin is great and I can see Sam doing that! Lying to his big brother because he'd never anticipate it would come back to bite him in the butt...or ankle.

And the way John addressed it all, Dean coming back too fast and having to linger...haha all fantastic! Bruno's POV was great too, ah, if only he knew!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) I'm so glad you enjoyed this!

Lying to his big brother because he'd never anticipate it would come back to bite him in the butt...or ankle.

LMAO!! Excellently summarized :D I love this description :D

*happy dances* Thank you!! :)

Poor Sammy. Really liked this little story though, although I would have preferred more smut of course! ;-P

Loved Bruno, the hotel owner! :DDD

Thank you so much sweetie! This isn't a smutty story but hey there's always a next time for that ;P So glad you enjoyed reading this, cheers!

I love Bruno's considerations of the 'normal' dysfunctional family staying at the motel! Hilarious! I also love exactly what Sam kept from his family, and John's method of dealing with it. Great job!

:D Thanks so much sweetie! I wasn't sure if the motel guy's presumptuousness will seem just as funny on paper as it is in my head hehe. I'm glad you like, cheers!!

Woohoo!! I'm so happy to see you writing SPN again sweetie!!! *smishes* And this was just gorgeous, as always. Poor Sammy, of course he couldn't tell Dean or John he was still a, ahem, pure soul. Not a good day for him at all huh *sniggers*

Thanks for sharing this hon. Please don't disappear again, keep writing ok? Pretty please? *hugs*

Hello hello!! :) Sorry I've been awol sweetie, and thank you for coming over to read this!! So glad you enjoyed this :D Yep, not a good day for Sammy at all haha.. we love torturing him don't we? ;P
I'll try to keep writing this time, promise. cheers hon *hugs*

Nice story. :) I felt really sorry for Sam - not for the spanking, but because Dean found out he'd lied about not being a virgin. He's right - Dean's never going to let him live that down. I liked that John pulled him into a hug when it was over and assured him that Dean wouldn't tease him. At least that way the teasing will be slightly lowered. Thanks for sharing.

Hey sweetie.. it's great to hear from you :) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Yeah Sammy couldn't have won this one either way. But at least if he'd swallowed his pride and come clean he wouldn't have been hurt and wouldn't have had his butt spanked either hehe.
cheers hon!

*giggles* You sure do like spanking Sammy don't ya? XP This was awesome. ;D

Dude I LOVE spanking Sammy :D:D Nothing better in this whole wide world than a thoroughly spanked Sammy!! *giggles* :D:D Thanks for liking it and reviewing AGAIN :) Are you getting sick of all these emails to your inbox? Sorry :D Just a few more to go!!