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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Here we go again

"Awesome! Thanks for signing up"


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I know the Big Bang is a big Project, but you have always done such am amazing job I am so glad you undertook it once again. I mean you are the reason I originally signed up of LiveJournal.... so here I am... though I dont use my account for much. This year I said to myself: I will not write my messages as annonymous. No sir :) THis year I want to say awesome with a cool avatar next to my name :)


You joined LJ because of me, really??? *blinks* Hon, seriously, thank you. Even if that's not true, its such a lovely compliment, so really, thank you :) I'm glad you've enjoyed my past bigbang submissions, hopefully you will like this one too *fingers crossed*

And hey, cheers to not being anon anymore for sure! :)

Yeah, I totatlly joined LJ because for the past two Big Bang Stories I have left all my post as annonymous. You had told me to join LJ that is wasnt as scary as I thought and that you would be happy to friend me :) I know its been a while, and you probably reply to soo many people am sure its hard to remember what you have talked to with everyone :P
BUT am telling, it was that short post I made and your reply that got me to sing up. I really enjoyed your Big Bang stories and I couldnt wait to post with a signature on your next Big Bang. :)

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