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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Here we go again

"Awesome! Thanks for signing up"


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You are awesome. And I will be delighted to offer beta services if you like. :P

DUH!! YES!!!!! Thank you so much sweetheart! You know I'm incapable of doing bigbangs without you :) *hugs

Thanks! I'll try to be less hassled about it this time :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey sweetheart!!!! *smishes* Yep I finally said to myself, ah hell with it. If I don't have deadlines to meet, I will never get any writing done all year!! :D Thanks so much for always being here sweetie, you know I love you way too much for words right? :) *hugs and kisses*

Yep! Beta services for sure!! Facilitating the awesome whole heartedly :-)

Thank you!!! I'll definitely look you up when it's in some shape or form beta-ready hehe ;)

Thank you sweetie! Hope you're well..

I hope you know I'm a huge fan of yours (and not in a stalkerish way :) so I have to say I'm uber-excited at seeing what you produce this time out. If it's half as good as your last one, I'll be in heaven.

Hey you.. thank you so much for your lovely encouraging words! :) I'm so glad you tolerate like my stuff and I'll try to not disappoint you this time as well.. :)

I know the Big Bang is a big Project, but you have always done such am amazing job I am so glad you undertook it once again. I mean you are the reason I originally signed up of LiveJournal.... so here I am... though I dont use my account for much. This year I said to myself: I will not write my messages as annonymous. No sir :) THis year I want to say awesome with a cool avatar next to my name :)


You joined LJ because of me, really??? *blinks* Hon, seriously, thank you. Even if that's not true, its such a lovely compliment, so really, thank you :) I'm glad you've enjoyed my past bigbang submissions, hopefully you will like this one too *fingers crossed*

And hey, cheers to not being anon anymore for sure! :)

Yeah, I totatlly joined LJ because for the past two Big Bang Stories I have left all my post as annonymous. You had told me to join LJ that is wasnt as scary as I thought and that you would be happy to friend me :) I know its been a while, and you probably reply to soo many people am sure its hard to remember what you have talked to with everyone :P
BUT am telling, it was that short post I made and your reply that got me to sing up. I really enjoyed your Big Bang stories and I couldnt wait to post with a signature on your next Big Bang. :)

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