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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Jared Wave

Bigbang 2009 Art (experimentations)

I made these! Um, yeah... *hides*

Soundtrack cover:

Header 1:

Header 2 (my favorite):

Like I was telling trinipedia, I don't really know to resize graphics properly because every time I try they get that stretchy blurry look I don't like :( So anyway, the following were my attempts at making motivational wallpapers :D Motivational for me, when I was writing the bigbang and rushing to make the deadline hehe.

Wall 1 (I call this one Golf hehe):

And Wall 2 (in keeping with the rock-wave theme of course):

You're gonna tell me never to try making artwork again aren't you?


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GORGEOUS artwork!!


maybe a wallpaper...?


Aww, thanks hon. You're sweet :)

I actually DID make 2 wallpapers for myself to keep me pepped up when I was writing this story and struggling to meet the deadline hehe. But I've no idea how to resize graphics and still have them look as sharp as the original so.. *shrugs*.. oh well, here's what I made and used "Tile" option to set up on my desktop.




cheers again hon :)

these are great!!

thank you so much *_*


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