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Fic recs request!

Hey everyone,

I'm traveling for work all this month, with quite a bit of time stuck in airplanes and hotel rooms, alone, and I'm looking for some good fics to download and print to try and make the agony a tad bearable heh. Which is why I need your help.

Not sure why this is, but every fandom I get into, I end up in the minority. SPN - bottom!Sam/Jared, Smallville - Clark/Whitney and Clark/Lois (yeah, oddly enough, that is too a minority), X-Men - Logan/Scott or anything Cyclops related really *sighs*.. I wonder if I subconsciously choose to swim against the current, or does the current deliberately choose to flow against me? *snorts*

So anyhoo, knowing how pig-headed I can be about my pairing preferences, could you please rec some of your favorite stories in the genres that I mentioned above? I've been longing to read some well-done, smutty and complete top!Dean/Jensen stories or Logan/Scott stories (top!Logan of course). And I don't think anyone writes Clark/Whitney anymore but maybe there is the slightest of possibilities that a gem exists somewhere and I haven't found it yet? (I've read everything by scyllablue, worship her kinda actually) Pretty please? Oh top!Clark of course :D

I'll also take any new delicious bottom!Draco fics (HP) or bottom!Kirk fics (ST-XI) if you know of any? Requesting for recs from you guys because I feel there's a good chance you guys and I might be um, into the same kinda stuff so... yeah :)

cheers guys, Cyndra

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PS. Actually, Scogan is always hinted during discussion of X-Men comics, just that most of X-readers are guys, and they might entertain the thought a bit in private but not gonna likely to write real slash fics about Scott and Logan.

I'm not sure if Scott has the most fanfics in the fandom but I can guarantee that most of them are better than average, probably because most of Scott-centered writers are generally more mature.

There's a new community called marvel_crossing which has got several fantastic Scott-involved stories, not exactly slash (maybe a little bit) ones, but good nonetheless, you might want to ckeck them out.

Thank you so much for the links sweetie! :) I did not know about this community. I guess my sense has always been that in slash Logan/Remy is the more popular pairing and in general fics as well, Scott is not very popular as a fanfic character. Checking out your links now. cheers :)

Logan/Remy is,well, to put it simply, I can't stand most of stories about them, they're kind of a very bad version of Scogan, either too sugary to the point of sickness, or Gambit is too much of a spineless whimp, and most of the stories are quite childish imo.

And no, Logan/Remy died down for a long while, it only got picked up because of the Origins movie( which is lame anyway), and Gambit has been completely useless in comics for as long as I can remember, still is, actually.

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