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Fic recs request!

Hey everyone,

I'm traveling for work all this month, with quite a bit of time stuck in airplanes and hotel rooms, alone, and I'm looking for some good fics to download and print to try and make the agony a tad bearable heh. Which is why I need your help.

Not sure why this is, but every fandom I get into, I end up in the minority. SPN - bottom!Sam/Jared, Smallville - Clark/Whitney and Clark/Lois (yeah, oddly enough, that is too a minority), X-Men - Logan/Scott or anything Cyclops related really *sighs*.. I wonder if I subconsciously choose to swim against the current, or does the current deliberately choose to flow against me? *snorts*

So anyhoo, knowing how pig-headed I can be about my pairing preferences, could you please rec some of your favorite stories in the genres that I mentioned above? I've been longing to read some well-done, smutty and complete top!Dean/Jensen stories or Logan/Scott stories (top!Logan of course). And I don't think anyone writes Clark/Whitney anymore but maybe there is the slightest of possibilities that a gem exists somewhere and I haven't found it yet? (I've read everything by scyllablue, worship her kinda actually) Pretty please? Oh top!Clark of course :D

I'll also take any new delicious bottom!Draco fics (HP) or bottom!Kirk fics (ST-XI) if you know of any? Requesting for recs from you guys because I feel there's a good chance you guys and I might be um, into the same kinda stuff so... yeah :)

cheers guys, Cyndra

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Well, for X-Men, anything Minisinoo writes is great. Or L. Burke, but she does canon and the early days but everything she has is oh so incredibly good. Both write Cyclops centered fics.



For slash, Mo is pretty okay. She has Logan/Scott fics:


Here are some one shots of Scott slashed that you so have to read:

http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/dangerous.html - Highly rec this one, the ultimate universe but you don't need to know about it to enjoy this fic. Cyclops and someone you would never expect.

http://haven-of-fic.tripod.com/fanfiction/nix_taiy.html - Scott/Logan movie and an apocalyptic future. Beautiful fic.

http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/naked.html - Scott/Warren early days, awesome fic.

http://gaffaa.tripod.com/fanfic/iclose.html - Scott/Warren canon, aftermath of Jean's first death. A must read.

http://home.comcast.net/~paxnirvana/other.htm - Scott/Warren Ultimate verse, read all the ultimate Scott fics, they are awesome.

http://www.comicfic.net/fic/mitai/doeadeer1.htm - Scott and Logan a cabin and a deer. Some humor, some angst, mostly friendship. Great story.

http://www.comicfic.net/fic/mitai/onlettinggo.htm - Great Scott and Cable father/son fic. You have so read this. And it's sequel http://www.comicfic.net/fic/alicia/afterthefall.htm

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1525138/1/ - this is probably one of the best X2 Au out there. Scott and Logan mostly, and some dark moments, but an incredibly well done story.

There's a lot more, but I think these will keep you reading for a while.

OMG thank you thank you so much!!! *smishes* :) Scott/Warren is definitely a pairing I'm intrigued by but just never came across a really good piece on it before.

Well, these are really different and really good Scott/Warren fics. Paxnirvana is a wonderful writer and manages to capture the essence of the ultimate universe even if its creator can't. *wink* I hope you have plenty to read and have fun!!

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