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Fic recs request!

Hey everyone,

I'm traveling for work all this month, with quite a bit of time stuck in airplanes and hotel rooms, alone, and I'm looking for some good fics to download and print to try and make the agony a tad bearable heh. Which is why I need your help.

Not sure why this is, but every fandom I get into, I end up in the minority. SPN - bottom!Sam/Jared, Smallville - Clark/Whitney and Clark/Lois (yeah, oddly enough, that is too a minority), X-Men - Logan/Scott or anything Cyclops related really *sighs*.. I wonder if I subconsciously choose to swim against the current, or does the current deliberately choose to flow against me? *snorts*

So anyhoo, knowing how pig-headed I can be about my pairing preferences, could you please rec some of your favorite stories in the genres that I mentioned above? I've been longing to read some well-done, smutty and complete top!Dean/Jensen stories or Logan/Scott stories (top!Logan of course). And I don't think anyone writes Clark/Whitney anymore but maybe there is the slightest of possibilities that a gem exists somewhere and I haven't found it yet? (I've read everything by scyllablue, worship her kinda actually) Pretty please? Oh top!Clark of course :D

I'll also take any new delicious bottom!Draco fics (HP) or bottom!Kirk fics (ST-XI) if you know of any? Requesting for recs from you guys because I feel there's a good chance you guys and I might be um, into the same kinda stuff so... yeah :)

cheers guys, Cyndra

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Hey sweetie!!! Yeah I got your messages, thanks for remembering me :) *hugs* I'm sorry life has just been crazy busy these past 2 weeks. On the bright side, I'm in Sydney yay!! :D Oz is a beautiful country.. I never expected it to take me by such pleasant surprise :)

And of course the homework!verse!! I should definitely print it out and read it finally heh. Thanks so much for reminding me of it sweetie.

And how are you doing hon? Hope life is treating you better now? *hugs and kisses*

You aren't necessarily running against the current when it comes to these fics. We just choose to see the potential within characters, such as Scott. Seriously, what's not to like about him? *grin* Scott/Logan are my favorite X-Men pairing, but I'm on the other side...I love top!Scott. He's super-duper sexy when he's in charge. And to bring such a powerful character as Wolverine to some control (I didn't want to say bring him to heel...*snort*), that's very, very sexy.

I haven't been reading enough of late and I think any bottom!Sam/Jared fics I recommend you will already have read. I did read thenyxie's & nu_breed's All In and Double Up yesterday, but hot as it was I'm still not sure about Misha being in the mix.

As for the other fandoms, I haven't really read anything at all in those you mentioned. I did a quick search cos Clark/Whitney sounded interesting and it produced this list. More than likely you will have already read them, but hopefully there may be one or 2 you haven't.

Have a good trip. :)

Thanks for the rec hon. I am not quite convinced by Misha sex myself but I could give it another go heh. And thanks for the list! There is stuff on there I haven't read.. I'm just scared to click on or print out stuff only to discover it top!Whitney *shudders*. That's as bad as top!Jared for me haha..

Hope you're well hon *hugs*

bottom!draco, although you might know it alraedy :)

redeem me

and unknown and unknown trials

let me know if you like them, if you choose to use them :)

I've read the first not the second! Printing now, thanks so much sweetie!! *hugs*

in star trek kirk/mccoy has taken over my life and most of them are bottom!kirk. at http://community.livejournal.com/kirk_mccoy/

Cool!!! I'll check out this comm, thanks for the link hon :) Any specific favorites? Just so I could save some (horribly expensive) hotel internet time? ;)

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OMG thank you so so much for the links!!! :) I do have the bottom!Sam link from before but didn't know you started the other lists too. Ahem, just a question - is this purely a bottom!Jared list or is it your list of favorites? If its the former, you could basically tag all my RPS stories under there hehe ;P

cheers hon!

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Well, for X-Men, anything Minisinoo writes is great. Or L. Burke, but she does canon and the early days but everything she has is oh so incredibly good. Both write Cyclops centered fics.



For slash, Mo is pretty okay. She has Logan/Scott fics:


Here are some one shots of Scott slashed that you so have to read:

http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/dangerous.html - Highly rec this one, the ultimate universe but you don't need to know about it to enjoy this fic. Cyclops and someone you would never expect.

http://haven-of-fic.tripod.com/fanfiction/nix_taiy.html - Scott/Logan movie and an apocalyptic future. Beautiful fic.

http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/naked.html - Scott/Warren early days, awesome fic.

http://gaffaa.tripod.com/fanfic/iclose.html - Scott/Warren canon, aftermath of Jean's first death. A must read.

http://home.comcast.net/~paxnirvana/other.htm - Scott/Warren Ultimate verse, read all the ultimate Scott fics, they are awesome.

http://www.comicfic.net/fic/mitai/doeadeer1.htm - Scott and Logan a cabin and a deer. Some humor, some angst, mostly friendship. Great story.

http://www.comicfic.net/fic/mitai/onlettinggo.htm - Great Scott and Cable father/son fic. You have so read this. And it's sequel http://www.comicfic.net/fic/alicia/afterthefall.htm

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1525138/1/ - this is probably one of the best X2 Au out there. Scott and Logan mostly, and some dark moments, but an incredibly well done story.

There's a lot more, but I think these will keep you reading for a while.

OMG thank you thank you so much!!! *smishes* :) Scott/Warren is definitely a pairing I'm intrigued by but just never came across a really good piece on it before.

Have you been on FF.net?

There's a Scogan fic called nightmare, purely sugary fluff, but it's adorable.

It might cure you of some Scogan cravings.:)


PS. Actually, Scogan is always hinted during discussion of X-Men comics, just that most of X-readers are guys, and they might entertain the thought a bit in private but not gonna likely to write real slash fics about Scott and Logan.

I'm not sure if Scott has the most fanfics in the fandom but I can guarantee that most of them are better than average, probably because most of Scott-centered writers are generally more mature.

There's a new community called marvel_crossing which has got several fantastic Scott-involved stories, not exactly slash (maybe a little bit) ones, but good nonetheless, you might want to ckeck them out.

I wish I joined LJ earlier to know the authors to watch out for and some gems within the realm of Scott/Logan, but T_T I feel useless haha, especially since it's my first OTP. D:

And I don't think you're traveling against the current (anyone can see Scott and Logan totally had some serious friction-sparking UST going on in the movies ;D) Lol. I seriously want to get into SPN, I've heard so many good things about it, but I missed the first season, and I'm majorly paranoid when it comes to things (Heck, missing the first 3 minutes of a movie is enough to spoil my mood if I arrive late at the theaters) XD I shall just have to save up for the DVD's then I can get into *another* chapter of your stories :DDD

And you're in Sydney?? Dude, that's where I live hahaha. Be sure to check out the book store Kinokuniya. There's a tonne of X-Men comics there that I saw and skimmed through. Some Scott/Logan (If you're as talented/creepy as me, you can mentally plaster James and Hugh over the drawn on faces) moments in a couple of pages too. ;) I guess that can be my rec? *grin*

Just remembered...! I hope you have a totally brilliant and safe time here. And that all goes well on your trip :D

Ooops, a little late here and I don't have much of a comment except I am *totally* with you 250% on the bottom!Kirk. I think I will automatically trust your preferences for any fandom. :P

♥ Hope you're doing okay hon!

LOL. Yep ST-XI fever has finally caught up with me heh. I'm doing good, thanks hon. Hope you're well too.

I read these two pretty recently (and actually rec'd them for those who were having a slow day in the big bang post on bottom_sammy), but I'll rec 'em again 'cause they're both equally wonderful and deserve to be read lots more by others. First is RPS (as if it's not apparent by the title :p), second is Supernatural.

The Self-Importance of Being Jensen by vicious_trade
Say It's Possible by vicious_trade

I'll go ahead and second All In and Double Up by nu_breed and thenyxie 'cause despite Misha being there for the sex and all, it is about Jensen and Jared in the end.

Edited at 2009-08-18 12:36 pm (UTC)

Awesome! Thanks so much for the recs hon.. I have another plane ride tomorrow afternoon and these are the ones I'll print out for then heh :) cheers!!

Hey! It's me again. I stumbled across this magnificent piece, it's new... and the action is only just starting. It was posted very recently, and I don't know if you've read it or not... but it's so well written and it really sucks you in, that the only bad thing about it is that it's a WIP and you must... wait for it... *wait* for the next chapter to come out. *pulls hair out*


Top!Logan, of course (I'm also very picky). But it's comic verse. (I still imagine it to be movieverse however, haha. Even if it states Logan is shorter.... I have a very selective reading pattern. Read-read-overlook-read :P)

I hope it's the kind of thing you're looking for. Take care! *falls over*

I'm about to make a ficrec post, you'll find a lot of SPN/J2 fics and since I prefer bottom!Sam/Jared too I guess there will be some of that for you <3

Lol, I love Cyclops too, but am not a slash fan at ALL so mostly I doubt I can help with recs. And the only Cyclops-centric fics that come to mind right now are by Minisinoo, who's been around and is so famous in the fandom now (afaik) that I'm assuming you've already read them. Though I do know a few good Scott/Ororo fics . . . *g* That is MY rare ship that no one else ships, pretty much. If you're interested, would be glad to rec 'em. Otherwise . . . *ponders* can't say I've got much for you. Sorry! Hope you find enough to read. :)

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Re: Best place I have found

http://www.castleskeep.net/Xmen.html this has only Logan/Scott fics, i dont remember exactly how many are bottom!Scott though =]

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