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Fic Rec: The Empty Room

I haven't read most of the bigbangs yet, but I'm so glad I happened to click on this one.

It's called The Empty Room by germanjj 

.. and I am just.. stunned, and impressed and touched, and broken apart and put together by the beauty and intensity of her words. I've read fics that have moved me, but never actually felt such a strong urge to weep (and given in to it) before. The way Jared misses Jensen in this story... keep tissues handy, it will make you cry. It's a kind of loss that I'm sure everyone can relate to, and even if you don't, there is something very visual and gripping about the chapters. If you haven't been there, she will force you to go there. And you're probably gonna writhe and thrash a little, try to get away, consider stopping because there's a point where it's so unbearably painful. But you can't even do that, because the words compel you to go on, because by this time you need to know what's gone so awfully wrong and how the hell does one fix it.

Thankfully it starts getting better about the halfway point and it ends really well, so don't be afraid to give in to this angstfest - the relief and the sheer giddiness you feel at the end of it is totally worth it. I know some of you're probably smirking at this point - such strong emotions for a piece of fiction?? Dude... Just. Yeah.

Must MUST read! :)
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