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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Fic Rec: The Empty Room

I haven't read most of the bigbangs yet, but I'm so glad I happened to click on this one.

It's called The Empty Room by germanjj 

.. and I am just.. stunned, and impressed and touched, and broken apart and put together by the beauty and intensity of her words. I've read fics that have moved me, but never actually felt such a strong urge to weep (and given in to it) before. The way Jared misses Jensen in this story... keep tissues handy, it will make you cry. It's a kind of loss that I'm sure everyone can relate to, and even if you don't, there is something very visual and gripping about the chapters. If you haven't been there, she will force you to go there. And you're probably gonna writhe and thrash a little, try to get away, consider stopping because there's a point where it's so unbearably painful. But you can't even do that, because the words compel you to go on, because by this time you need to know what's gone so awfully wrong and how the hell does one fix it.

Thankfully it starts getting better about the halfway point and it ends really well, so don't be afraid to give in to this angstfest - the relief and the sheer giddiness you feel at the end of it is totally worth it. I know some of you're probably smirking at this point - such strong emotions for a piece of fiction?? Dude... Just. Yeah.

Must MUST read! :)

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It's not a separation fic, right? 'Cause I don't think I can read a fic where the boys are not together.

It starts with them kind of apart and brings them together by the end of it. Don't be a wuss sweetie!! :P Just read it, its beautiful!! :)

Okay, I won't be a wuss. *grins*
*saves the story*

none of the j's is dead at the end, right?

NO not at all! :) Read it hon, its beautiful! :)

I read that after I watched the video her atist made because yeah after watching that video I couldnt not read the fic
she did a great job :)

Oh right I forgot the video! Will go watch it now

Hmm...maybe I will :) You recommended it, so it has to be something stunning and fascinating :)

Heh.. sweetie you find a way to make me blush feel good about myself where I least expect it! :) But seriously hon, this fic is definitely a winner! You can probably guess it has all the elements of angst and yearning and hurt/comfort that I love and write myself. Only, I think germanjj really kicks it up a few notches and does it better! :) I'm guessing you will like it too.

Oh, oh! If you recced it, then it must be good. And such a reaction can only come from good fic, so I'm definitely reading this next! I've still got the bigbang page open in my register and I'm only halfway through June, so I've still got LOADS to read! =)

Thanks sweetie :D But I'm sure the whole world will rec it! :) It's just that awesome! :)

NOT SMIRKING! I completely agree with EVERYTHING you just said; My GOD it was fabulous!

I know right? :) Totally took my breath away! I'm glad you agree hon :)

Bet you clicked 'cause it has bottom!Jared in the warnings, and it sucked you right in. :) *shrugs* That's what happened to me. I've only had this kinda reaction once before and it opened a hole in my chest. Guess I'm not good at dealing with angst. XP Anyhoo, this one pairs with In Harms Ways make up for the lack of bottom!Jared stories this year, IMO. We're a bunch of lucky Glory Whores! :D

Sure I clicked on it because thanks to the warning, I knew I won't be surprised :) But to be honest, the story is so beautiful and so well-written that it does not need the sex scene at all. In fact, by the time the scene occurs, I was so completely hooked and immersed that even if it did turn out to be bottom!Jensen, I would have continued reading it and loved it just as much.

babes, that's germanjji for you.

*pets her*

I can't wait to come back today and dive into it.

I so know it will be worth it.

I've hardly read any big bang this year but I've got this one open in a tab, ready to read sometime this weekend. If the video is anything to go by I'm going to love it...it had me nearly crying right from the start.

Love me some angst!

The video is awesome and so is the fic! I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Hello. Let me start by apologising for having missed saying "Happy Birthday" earlier. I feel like a very bad person now. Hope it was an awesome day for you and you had yummy cake and lots of hugs and kisses.

Followed your link last night and read Empty Room - really good fic and soooo well written. I thought the whole premise of the fic was bloody brilliant and and Jarad's hurt and confusion was so powerful. I didn't get teary-eyed but it was certainly moving and had me cheering at the ending. The whole feel of the story was kinda dream-like in some ways - can't think of the word I want - but it made for a compelling read. Thanks for the rec. I'll be reading more of her fic from now on.

Thank you sweetie :) No harm done. And yep I had an awesome day :)

And I'm happy you enjoyed the fic!

My favorite Big Bang of this year. Period.

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