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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JA: Screw world peace

Venting... (Frustration may be mildly displaced but whatever)

Okay so I'm sure I'm once again the last in the spn fandom to get to know of the latest anonymous wank meme. (And if you don't know then I'm not giving you the link, its nasty out there!) If, perchance, you saw my bigbang getting ripped to shreds (oh trust me, its happening somewhere among those 8000+ comments) please please do NOT tell me, 'kay? Deal, yeah? :)

But here is something else I want to share. My friends from raingazer might recognize this as something very similar to what I posted awhile ago. The choice of words is blunt but I agree with every single one completely. And the poster over at the meme is getting attacked by a complete lunatic whose arguments are not even making any sense!! What? Oh no. No no, I'm not getting in there to defend anyone or anything! I'm the kind that likes to stand on the sidelines and watch others make fools of themselves heh. *sheepish* What I WILL do is re-post the comment verbatim here - not anonymously obviously, and with a polite shout-out to whoever this person is. Girl you're so right and I so agree! And the fact that you hardly got any flak for your comment (barring the crazy person) is because most of us do agree and those that don't at least realize that they may not be completely in the right with this one. Or maybe they just didn't see the meme yet, which is definitely the better choice of 'em all! These things make for bloody addictive entertainment man, like reality tv! Anyway, here's the comment:

People who think that Jensen and Jared are fucking, solely based on what they do and say in public, at cons, or in interviews have clearly never seen regular guy friends interact with each other. Believe it or not, guys hug each other. They pick on each other, by calling each other names and stuff. They even do stupid things like what Jared did in the video from forever ago.


And another thing. Don't hate Danneel just because Jensen's fucking her and not you. Hate her because she's a bitch or a bad actress or something. I personally don't hate her at all cause I have no reason to. Just like most of the other girls here who do. A lot of you have no proof. You just read what some pissed off fan writes and you believe it. You've never met her before so you really don't know how she is in RL. In general, just get the fuck over the fact that Jensen will never give you the pleasure.

*nods* Uh-uh. The more you bitch about Danneel or Genevieve, the more I like them. Adore them really. And not only do guys tend to mess around like this normally, they are guaranteed to exaggerate this buffoonish behavior if they have an audience. It's just shocking to me that some women in this fandom don't know this.

PS: De-friending amnesty is still on, you know, just in case you need to...

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Unfortunately, I already saw the anon meme. I didn't read it all, but enough that I decided I'm probably not going to post any more of my stories in any of the public forums. I'll finish the ones I'm working on and put them on my own LJ where folks who want to read them can and those who think 'all the big bang stories this year were garbage' don't have to worry about them. Every once in a while, I get a reminder of why I stopped writing in fandoms in the first place. Unfortunately, some can suck the joy out of it for others.
As for your friend's comments, I couldn't agree more. I've been on both sides of the 'celeb' table and talking to a person at a con or a signing or even getting your pic taken with them does NOT mean you know them. It boggles the mind the way some can jump to conclusions based on some public displays of affection. Of course guys behave this way... you only have to be on the planet for a short while to know this.
So, I have some thinking to do on the matter, but at the moment, I'm ready to wash my hands of the fandom at large and stick to my own flist and people I actually enjoy hearing from. :) I'll continue to enjoy the show and the fic in my own little bubble where it's pleasant and safe. lol

Hey sweetie. I did read that comment too and you know what, I'm not going to take it personally because its a physical impossibility for anyone to have read ALL the bigbangs out there so far. This person or persons have not read more than maybe a quarter of the stories posted so far and reached their half-baked conclusions. Why should a couple people's opinion matter anyway? Forget them hon. I liked your bb. Could it have been better? Sure! My bb could be TONS better. In fact EVERY single bloody piece of published work could be better! That is not the point. And you cannot make everyone happy hon. So don't even bother. Only do stuff that makes you happy, okay? *hugs* I don't want you to let stupid talentless wankers get you down or make you leave a fandom you love, okay?

I had another comment in place of this one but deleted it lol. Thing is, I broke one of my longstanding, steadfast rules, namely 'never post after a crappy day with a bunch of stuff going on'. Since my first post, I've resolved a work crisis that has been plaguing me and the current family crisis with my bro is under control for the moment. So, I'm back to my old self lol ... whether that's a good thing or not is up for debate ;)
Honestly? I won't let anything or anyone stop me from writing if that's what I want to do. I know most (if not all) authors put much more time into their Big Bang story than I did. If I can't sit down and write it in one go, I generally just ... don't write it. I have other things I write that need my full attention and writing fanfic is just a fun break. It's not meant to be groundbreaking literature on my part. If some like it, that's great. If no one likes it, but it still lets me get some frustrations out, that's cool too. It's all good. :)

(Deleted comment)
Very good points and thank you for sharing them, supernaturalfun. :) I'm afraid I was in a less than stellar frame of mind when I first posted lol. Nothing was said about my fic in particular, I was just disheartened to see all the comments attacking the big bang fics in general. Once I settled some of the stuff I had going on around here, I was able to look back on it with a different perspective and I truly thnk it was mostly being posted in the guise of humour. I've only read a couple of them so far, but I know darned well I'll probably enjoy the majority of the Big Bang fics.
As for me? Well, I write primarily... for me lol If I think someone else might like it, I'll post it. If even one person gets a bit of enjoyment out of it, a bit of enjoyment that *I* helped spread? Well, damn, it doesn't get much better than that. :) Thanks for your comment and no worries... I'll continue to write my stuff my way and no naysayers will influence me to do otherwise. :)
I hope RL lets you get back to writing soon!

Must say I like this comment better than the last one dearie ;) I was worried you were giving up on the fandom entirely. And I don't think we should. The sane ones should stay or the insane ones would totally ruin its reputation.. er.. even more :P

Fanfic to me is also something I do for fun. I won't say it is not important, hell it is very important to me in fact because it is the only creative outlet I got at the moment. But yeah, I try to remember that its not the end of the world if one or two people did not like or hated something I posted heh. There are a few people whose opinions matter to me, so long as they can find even one good thing to say to me I am happy haha ;) BTW i'm still waiting for your thoughts on my bb? *sheepish*

Pffft... I wouldn't let others dictate me giving up something I enjoy. My apologies for ranting in your journal lol. But I'm back now and rarin' to go.
I was away for a week and then crazy busy with work when I got back. I'd skimmed through the list that had been posted in my absence and didn't see your fic so I was still waiting for it to come out! After reading your comment, I went back and looked again and there it was, posted on the day of my return, no less (though I didn't get home until midnight on the 22nd and had to work at 6 the next morning lol). So, my profound apologies and thanks for making me take a second look! I now have your story open and can't wait to delve in :) And you can bet I'll have comments, missy lol. I have to go to work in an hour but I'm home tomorrow, so I'll finish it then if not before. Can't wait!! :)

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