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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JA: Screw world peace

Venting... (Frustration may be mildly displaced but whatever)

Here be a smidgen of SPN wank. Please don't click here, no really, don't...Collapse )

Um...I'm not into SPN but...can't the guy understand that people read and write fanfic purely to satisfy their fantasy (especially slash ones!)? The stories don't have to be based on truth and reality? And most writers have already kindly put up warning ahead to warn off people who don't like the type of stories, I suppose he (or she) should take a more relaxing attitude and well, respect what other people do with their lives so long they don't cause real harm.

Edited at 2009-07-15 11:08 pm (UTC)

:D Sweetie I don't know where to even begin explaining the madness that is this SPN fandom. This particular wank isnt about fanfiction, but about how people make comments on the sexuality of the actors claiming they're gay, and bitch about their girlfriends just because they're so jealous. Aargh, I'd advise you to stay away if you can hehe.. it is quite a sad testament that someone on the inside of this fandom is telling someone on the outside how bad it can get sometimes :(

You've actually defriended me a couple of weeks ago, although I'm not sure why, but I'm still around (sorry if it bothers you, I'll defriend you, too, if you want me to). Anyway, just wanted to say that I agree with you 100%.

Hey sweetie.. I added you back! Sorry I just wasn't sure if you were interested in the stuff I write.. I noticed a very marked difference in the kinds of fics you generally read or comment on/about, and what I write so... *shrugs*. But I'm glad you're still around :)

And glad you agree hon! Isn't it just crazy how people are deluding themselves over the boys? Especially Jensen and Danneel... why can't they be happy for the two of them.

(Deleted comment)
Okay I have to first start with telling you how much I LOVE your icon!! It's totally apt isn't it? :) Sometimes I think that's the problem - the deluded fans think they have a Right of some kind on the actors' lives which they don't and are too wrapped up in their fantasy worlds to see it. And in trying to exercise that non-existent right, they neglect to give the actors the respect and space and privacy that they deserve.

I'll loan them a disabled hubby and three special needs children anytime they're up for the challenge
Oh sweetie, you must be one helluva lady. I truly admire your strength and courage and of course you're right - these girls need a reality check and an actual PURPOSE in life (besides vegging out in front of a tv or a computer) to make them realize what's what.

And honey, anyone who rips apart something you've written? Is an idiot. *nods* (I've said "idiot" so much my kids would have grounded me ... since that's a naughty word in my house *cackles*)
*giggles* Thanks sweetie!! :) I'm glad you think so... and don't worry I won't tell on you ;P

I wonder who's behing that comm. It must be someone who thrives on wanks. Any idea?

None whatsoever. I bet it is a new alias which will probably disappear in a few days.

I'm going through an extremely rough patch at the moment & I would love to make some clever reply but my brain's not up to it so... thanks for re-posting this, it's very good. I have no idea of its original context but you filled in enough detail so I get the drift. *applauds*

I'm sorry to hear that sweetie. And heh, fandom wank is the last thing you should bother yourself with right now. It's just old stuff rehashed into new. Ignore it :) Hope everything sorts itself out soon for you *hugs*

Uhm. Huh? I mean I've seen some posts earlier, when the whole Jensen/Daneel thing was new, that they didn't like her. But there's wank going on? I ask again: Huh?

It is actually sad how the lines between reality and phantasy are meshed for some people. So yeah, I guess I'll just go with the great comment above. And that comment was deleted? At the spn lj community?

And anyone, who rips your bigbang to shreds has no taste and should be pitied by others for the lack of good taste! ;-P

There is a faction that still does not like Danneel and probably never will because they aren't Danneel themselves hehe.

Was the comment deleted really? I'm not sure, I didn't go back to visit that nasty place again man. The bitches are resorting to malicious personal attacks now. It's disgusting.

And anyone, who rips your bigbang to shreds has no taste and should be pitied by others for the lack of good taste! ;-P

Um.. *blushes* thanks sweetie. I'm glad you think so!! :) *hugs*

*sigh* I know... I know...

But really, if I just want to imagine then cuddling and kissing and being all domestic and loving eachother but nothing being able to go public...

For my own whimsical girlish fantasies, who does it hurt?

Sweetie you know that's not it. We all do our own brand of fantasizing that's why we read and write fanfiction.

But when people start claiming the guys are gay and including them top 100 gay lists and start commenting on their private lives like they know everything there is to know about them - it shows a ton of disrespect for the actors and sheer delusion on their part. I despise people like that. There used to be this girl on my list who would say the weirdest of things with a straight face like - oh Jensen's so gay. Why does he bother to hide it? EXCUSE ME?!?!? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW WOMAN?!?! This is slander you know... people get away with anything in fandom. The only thing keeping us in check is ourselves! I completely cannot stand people with this brand of delusional psychosis. *sighs*

Sorry sweetie, I totally ranted there. But I just wanted to make sure you understood the difference between harmless fantasy and trying to push it over into reality.

Firstly, your big!bang was chilling. You didn't make it easy for us, what with the angsting & hurt &...um, will stop due to spoilery worries, but it was *awesome*. Saved it straight-away, I did. *nodding*

As for the wanksting? Diiidn't know about it... *twirls* I finally decided I'm here for the show & our boys, for the fic *hugs it all tightly* & the folks that genuinely enjoy the same things. Otherwise? Pffft. But yeah, I suppose it *is* hard to miss if you happen to be running by...

DUN LET THE BA*STARDS GET YOU DOWN, LUV! *hugs you & sweeps teh crazy out of the way* :)

Awww.. thanks so much sweetie. *hugs*

I noticed they have closed the wank meme at last. But not before a lot of damage was already done. But you're right.. I'm not letting anyone bring moi down hehe

I heard about it, but am trying to avoid it. There's too much good stuff to pay attention to the bad.

Good for you hon. The meme is closed now I think and I hope it doesn't open again. But some people are just trouble makers you know..

(Deleted comment)
Haha, well not mine exactly hon. They just dissed all bigbangs in general this year. Which included mine I guess.

To be honest, I write what I want to read usually. But when one posts to such ficathons, comparisons become inevitable and then you really need some reassurance from readers. So when people don't review its easy to lose confidence in oneself and possibly with good reason. Anyway. No one asked me to participate in bigbang heh *shrugs*

As for the rest, eh. Don't know or care if the boys are fucking each other or who their girlfriends are. I love the RPF writen about them though.

WORD! :)

I always stay away from anonymous meme like that because all too easily lines begin to blur (it's the internet, but come on, still carry some decency toward otherse) and then blatant insults and stuff start getting hurled around for almost no rhyme or reason at times. :s I'd rather stay inside where it's cool and chill, without all the massive anonymous HAET.

Yep... with you 100% love. It's shocking how malicious and stupid people get on these things. I just happened to drop by and then like a guilty, masosadistic pleasure heh.. kept reading. Bloody waste of time but still.

And on another note... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

:D Thank you so much hon :)

It's like the show says, some people are confusing real life with porn. It's a sad state of affairs.

But what I really stopped by to say was happy birthday, I love your stories, they make me very happy so thank you thank you thank and all the best for the coming year.

Thanks so much for the wishes hon! :) I'm so glad you enjoy what little I write sweetie.. your lovely comments keep me going. cheers! :)

wow. had no idea that was going down. but i've kinda distanced myself ... from e-ver-y-thing... hmm i think i used to be one of those stupid bitches. like way back when i was fifteen and hadn't a clue. Sorry it's getting you down. One of the unfortunate and anoying also hard to remove/ignore sides of public internet posting and fandom. like gay bashers, religious nuts and those freaks who send porn to celbrities... okay that last bit was unecessary. So RPS isn't my thing, but i'm not gonna abuse you over it unless somehow really criminally legally jail-time wrongness, but i wouldn't proly have read it, so what the fuck would i know. again unecessary.
again sorry it's got you down. Perhaps the fandom has got a little too big for its 'boots'. I got that vibe from the HP fandom when i used to lurk there years ago.

You know we tend to get away with most everything short of bloody murder. But everyone has different limits. You drew the line on RPS which is perfectly fine for you. Me, I draw the line at fantasy and fiction. So long as you remember its all makebelieve I have no issues with practically Anything. But the moment ppl start believing fiction to be real and talk like that and try to influence other people to believe that - it basically turns into slander and defamation of the actors. These actors that I love very much so of course I'm not happy with them being treated like that. *shrugs* It's just me, actually I was glad to see that comment on the meme because it tells me I am NOT the only one heh.

Anyway, i should stop ranting about this :D How are you doing love?