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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JA: Screw world peace

Venting... (Frustration may be mildly displaced but whatever)

Okay so I'm sure I'm once again the last in the spn fandom to get to know of the latest anonymous wank meme. (And if you don't know then I'm not giving you the link, its nasty out there!) If, perchance, you saw my bigbang getting ripped to shreds (oh trust me, its happening somewhere among those 8000+ comments) please please do NOT tell me, 'kay? Deal, yeah? :)

But here is something else I want to share. My friends from raingazer might recognize this as something very similar to what I posted awhile ago. The choice of words is blunt but I agree with every single one completely. And the poster over at the meme is getting attacked by a complete lunatic whose arguments are not even making any sense!! What? Oh no. No no, I'm not getting in there to defend anyone or anything! I'm the kind that likes to stand on the sidelines and watch others make fools of themselves heh. *sheepish* What I WILL do is re-post the comment verbatim here - not anonymously obviously, and with a polite shout-out to whoever this person is. Girl you're so right and I so agree! And the fact that you hardly got any flak for your comment (barring the crazy person) is because most of us do agree and those that don't at least realize that they may not be completely in the right with this one. Or maybe they just didn't see the meme yet, which is definitely the better choice of 'em all! These things make for bloody addictive entertainment man, like reality tv! Anyway, here's the comment:

People who think that Jensen and Jared are fucking, solely based on what they do and say in public, at cons, or in interviews have clearly never seen regular guy friends interact with each other. Believe it or not, guys hug each other. They pick on each other, by calling each other names and stuff. They even do stupid things like what Jared did in the video from forever ago.


And another thing. Don't hate Danneel just because Jensen's fucking her and not you. Hate her because she's a bitch or a bad actress or something. I personally don't hate her at all cause I have no reason to. Just like most of the other girls here who do. A lot of you have no proof. You just read what some pissed off fan writes and you believe it. You've never met her before so you really don't know how she is in RL. In general, just get the fuck over the fact that Jensen will never give you the pleasure.

*nods* Uh-uh. The more you bitch about Danneel or Genevieve, the more I like them. Adore them really. And not only do guys tend to mess around like this normally, they are guaranteed to exaggerate this buffoonish behavior if they have an audience. It's just shocking to me that some women in this fandom don't know this.

PS: De-friending amnesty is still on, you know, just in case you need to...

uh? i must live in my own little cloud because i never really notice anything going on...what happened? is it really scary out there? because i can just go back inside and stay on my cloud...

oh never mind... :)

:D Sweetheart you're just adorable you know that right? Can I come visit your cloud? :)

PS: 21st July is not that far away!! How're you feeling? :)

*claps* The insanity drowns out the sanity which does exist in the SPN fandom as evidenced in that comment *sighs* This is why on random boards/sites that feature J2 when SPN fans show up, there's always a comment about the posters being "crazy fangirls" (in my experience in sirfing these sites anyway).

God, I LOVE Genevieve and Jared together. I think they're an insanely hot couple. I'm just kind of glad to be able to say that somewhere without fearing the response *eep*

WORD! I didn't think our alleged "collective craziness" *rolls eyes* was that big a deal too, until I heard it mentioned on other fandom sites.

Jared and Gen are so cute together. And so are Jensen and Danneel, yeah. But honestly I don't really care, one way or another. Date whoever you want to dudes .. and dudettes.. *shrugs* :)

Today I'm pissed off as hell, so I won't answer because I will probably end spitting venom on every stupid fangirl in this fucking fandom.

You see? This, RIGHT HERE, is why I'm pondering to get the fuck out of the fandom.

My life sucks enough for me not to need reasons for it to SUCK MORE.

Sorry, babes, didn't mean to spam your Lj with my own problems.

Just know that I'm clinging at you as tight as ever, because I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to her/his own opinion.

We were a free thinker world last time I checked.

Fuck, am I disgusted.

Yikes. You sound really angry sweetie. If you want to talk about it, PM me? *hugs*

I've been surfing this anon wank meme all day (at work) and laughing my arse off! Either the posts are re-fucking-diculous or lol-funny because they are so STUPID. The only ones that piss me off are the ones that call out people by their real LJ name. Some of the stuff being said about fics, art, or whatever is really hurtful and most of the people singled out do NOT deserve the wank thrown at them. Please do NOT visit this anon wank meme unless you have a VERY thick skin and/or don't give a shit what anyone thinks. I don't know whether to keep laughing along with this crazy fandom or cry because, jeez, has it really come to THIS???

You're right about the personal attacks hon. That is truly unacceptable. And I bet given the statistics in general that comprise any fandom, more than half the wankers on that thread neither write nor create art. So how can someone with ZERO talent be bitching about people who do have some form of creativity and are brave enough to put it out there for everyone? *shakes head*

I don't know if I have skin thick enough to brave a personal attack, that's why I asked people to not tell me if they see my name or my bb there, heh. How's that for wimp? *sighs* :)

Well, I don't know who that person is but I just have one word for her: BRAVO!
I had no idea there was wank but to be honest, it doesn't even surprise me.
As much as I like the show I'm glad I got away from the fandom, I have enough problems in my life I don't need fandom wank to make it even worse :')

No wank surprises me anymore too hehe. And I think you may onto something with escaping fandom hon. I think I've made a couple of failed attempts but the show drags me back in somehow heh.

Unfortunately, I already saw the anon meme. I didn't read it all, but enough that I decided I'm probably not going to post any more of my stories in any of the public forums. I'll finish the ones I'm working on and put them on my own LJ where folks who want to read them can and those who think 'all the big bang stories this year were garbage' don't have to worry about them. Every once in a while, I get a reminder of why I stopped writing in fandoms in the first place. Unfortunately, some can suck the joy out of it for others.
As for your friend's comments, I couldn't agree more. I've been on both sides of the 'celeb' table and talking to a person at a con or a signing or even getting your pic taken with them does NOT mean you know them. It boggles the mind the way some can jump to conclusions based on some public displays of affection. Of course guys behave this way... you only have to be on the planet for a short while to know this.
So, I have some thinking to do on the matter, but at the moment, I'm ready to wash my hands of the fandom at large and stick to my own flist and people I actually enjoy hearing from. :) I'll continue to enjoy the show and the fic in my own little bubble where it's pleasant and safe. lol

Hey sweetie. I did read that comment too and you know what, I'm not going to take it personally because its a physical impossibility for anyone to have read ALL the bigbangs out there so far. This person or persons have not read more than maybe a quarter of the stories posted so far and reached their half-baked conclusions. Why should a couple people's opinion matter anyway? Forget them hon. I liked your bb. Could it have been better? Sure! My bb could be TONS better. In fact EVERY single bloody piece of published work could be better! That is not the point. And you cannot make everyone happy hon. So don't even bother. Only do stuff that makes you happy, okay? *hugs* I don't want you to let stupid talentless wankers get you down or make you leave a fandom you love, okay?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Poor famous people!

LOL! When you put it like that.. :D But you know they must have feelings too. I bet the whole PETJA thing hurt Jensen somehow and that's why he had it taken down. I was totally with him on that btw, that website was disgusting! He even took a potshot at the fans with the whole "Right, you love her" comment about Danneel recently.

Anyway, segue aside, I'm glad to see all sane people on my list so far hehe! :)

I think I know which one you mean, but only because one of my flist was picked apart on it and I went on to defend her. I cannot believe things like this exist! Why can't people just get on why do they feel the need to add to these. I had a reply from someone that I thought was sticking up for me and it turns out they were trying to be sarcastic! The very fact that they all post anonymously speaks for itself. I posted under my username. Won't go on again though, they make me sad, and I only went on in the first place because someone was being nasty to my friend.

I actually really like Daneel, she seems a really nice girl and I know Jensen loves her because the look on his face when he spoke of her at Asylum said it all.

Those things really are nasty sweetie. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with it. That is why even when I agree or violently disagree, I force myself to stay away. I've been burnt a couple times by suspiciously psychotic people with absolutely no sense of right and wrong as well! But I think i can laugh about it now and I'm hoping you will too in time? :)

I love Danneel! I loved her as Rachel in OTH a whole year before I got into SPN :)

Hey, sweetie. That meme (if it's the one I'm thinking of) is getting way more attention than it merits. That aside, I totally agree with what you're saying. That someone even has to post such a reality check is just proof of how crazy some people actually are. There seems to be some confusion. Jensen and Jared are not Dean and Sam. We don't know them. We see what they allow us to see, their PR personas. And while I'd guess they're nice people, and it's sometimes fun to think about what they might be like, I'm always "OMG!" when I see someone claiming that "of course, Jensen and Jared are having hot sex". WHAT??? Time to go back on those meds, baby! LOL. :)

Time to go back on those meds, baby!

ROTFL!!! Exactly my dear!! You're articulate as ever! :) And you're also right about the meme getting more attention that it deserves. I just can't help but feel disgusted by how this fandom reacts to the girlfriends and talks about the guys' personal lives like they know all about it. Seriously, how deluded can you fucking be? I used to try and rationalize this behavior once, but after 3 yrs, have no compassion left for this particular brand of psychosis anymore.

And um, sorry I just needed to vent! And sorry you have to bear the brunt of it hon :)

I don't care about the miserable side of the fandom, i prefer to live in my own happy J2 world and SPN

Mostly I stay away myself, but I find it very hard to ignore some things I feel strongly about.

I know the wank of which you speak and yeah I agree
Danneel or Genevieve dont be deserved to be hated on because of who they sleep with. I feel bad for them a lot. I honestly dont care who the boys date as long as they are happy

WORD sweetie! I'm so glad you agree! The girlfriend wank starts every convention and it feels like the whole fandom might be in on it for those couple of days. But I'm hoping that's not true, 'cause that does not reflect well on the fandom or on me personally hehe.

I try to avoid wank cuz it makes me angry and sad most of the time.

Good choice darling! Except sometimes you click open a meme and then you get sucked right in and can't stop reading until you start opinionating and then you need to express that opinion somewhere and so here we are! Heh. Right I'll stop rambling now :P

Darl, I have not seen your Bigbang get ripped to shreds at all. Admittedly, I haven't exactly been trolling that meme. spn_anon_love and spnkink_meme make me so much happier.

And you know your Bigbang was totally kickass and I've seen it recced a couple of places and it still has some of the most fucking amazing imagery ever. :) Just sayin'.

And yeah, tinhats. ::sigh:: I love squeeing and jumping around and saying "they're totally doing it!" but God knows I can tell when it's time to stop fooling around and take a good hard look at reality. Which is, based on the criteria people are establishing for a J2 relationship, I'm fucking at least four people because of the time I spend with them. Seriously.

Edit: And OMG how did I not notice your new header? :D :D ::squees:: OMG, it's from your BB and it is SO PRETTY. LOVE it.

Edited at 2009-07-15 07:31 pm (UTC)

I literally can't stop staring. Jared especially, just, guuuuh. :D

Hi hon!
Dont know what anything about latest anonymous wank meme.
much to my satisfaction, mostly cause i tend to react strongly when people somehow escape from the mental hospital and get a hold of a computer to write a stupid comment, and I ofc *cough* HAVE to answer... XD

And it tend not to end well if i get a stupid or generally idiotic comment back.. I mean i'll just take it out on my poor pencils! seriously have a load of them thats broken in half... XD

....with that being said maybe i should admit myself to a mental hospital..XD

And if i had a hat, i would take it of for for the person who wrote the comment Well spoken! or written.... xD

And really if someone wrote shit about yours or anyone else big bang, theyre clearly jealous , i mean all people can write but judging by the people that write this stupid comments, not many people can write as good as you guys.

So i'll take my hat off for you too and all the big bang writers!.... well i would.. if i had a hat... should i get one? just so i can take it off? xD

gosh such a long comment, sorry if your eyes started bleeding by the sheer craziness of my comment xD
Take care hun!

ROTFL!!! Okay I'm sitting here laughing so hard there's tears in my eyes because of your comment :D:D Dude you so funny!! :)

No need to admit yourself to a mental hospital hon - you're probably one of the sanest people I've come across in this fandom! Of course I'm counting myself as one of those too and using myself as the benchmark, so hopefully you don't think I need to go to a mental hospital either hehe :D

I love your comment sweetie! This is the brand of insanity I absolutely adore and wish everyone would switch to instead of going psycho on the boys and their girlfriends :D *smishes* :D

Unfortunately, I had a link sent to me, anonymously, for certain parts of that meme that referred to a particular a friend of mine and I really wish I hadn't clicked through. I only read a small part but days later it's still left me feeling sick and disgusted at their hatred for that friend and her writing, so much so that I've even considered deleting my LJ.

I think part of my feelings of ill-ease is due to the fact that I know my friend hasn't seen this meme and it hurts me that she may do.

They don't know her, they don't know what she's been through in her real life of late or about the comfort writing brings to her (and to other who do choose to read her fic) but still they found the need to slate her and use her Lj name in the process...would I have felt differently if they hadn't used her LJ username? No, not at all.

If I don't like something that vehemently I wouldn't read it, watch it etc. We all have a choice. I can never understand why some people feel the need to hurt others by expressing their dislike of something in that manner. Constructive criticism is one thing but pure spitefulness for entertainment sake is another.

Oh yikes. See this is why I only just skim through these things super quickly - cause I really REALLY do not want to get sucked into the madness. All that frustration and anger and mean-spiritedness.. I don't know where it comes from and I sure don't want it coming to me.

But wow, someone sending you a link is just forcing you into it. I'm so sorry your friend got attacked there personally hon. I hope that she doesn't find out because damn ignorance is bliss! But if by chance she does, I hope you will support her and she will have the strength to see it for what it is - a limited opinion based in nothing but hatred and jealousy. They would have made anyone a target, anyone at all.

Oi and PLEASE don't delete your LJ - why would you do that?!? *hugs*