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Xmen: Logan (something's missing)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 19

A chapter full of action!
Both up front and *behind stage*!

Poor Scottie can't even get a break when he's asleep, there're predators hovering around him! *points at two pair of flowing hair and long legs* Logan, get your butt back Scott's side ASAP!

Maybe all Scott needs is a kiss, that's what Sleeping Beauty taught us.;P

I wonder if you'll throw Gambit into this messy triangle (or more) between Scott, Logan and Jean (and Emma)?

You came back! Yayy :D Thanks so much for your lovely review hon.

Maybe all Scott needs is a kiss, that's what Sleeping Beauty taught us.;P

HAHA! Dude that is totally awesome! :) I didn't exactly have *that* in mind but it sounds interesting!

Um, Gambit will not get involved in the love triangle or quadrangle or whatever hehe, sorry if you were hoping for that :)

YAY! An update! WHEEE! *goes off to read*

Is that a question or an order? :)

oh my YAY, you updated! im so glad you did because this has to be one of the more brilliant scogan fics i've ever read and thank you for not leaving this story hanging!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :) I'll try to keep regular updates coming this time.

You updated!!! *hyperventilates* I love the action and the longing (don't be knockin my gal Jean too hard now you hear? *g*).. I love it all!! More soon, pretty please??

:D Thank you so much sweetie! You know I love Jean too, so don't worry okay? ;) *hugs*

This is so good. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

You know that incredibly splendid tingly feeling you get when you're just going on about your day and your friend suddenly gives you that birthday present they owe you some years ago but you weren't expecting it at all??

Okay... bad analogy, but the feeling is the same nonetheless!! (Except you never owed it to us... but we worship you for doing so anyway >_<) My head's up in the clouds and I'm currently just squee-ing in delight at this wonderful surprise @_@

Another excellent chapter. Your writing only gets better and better, and even if there was a difference between releases, it's all transitioned so smoothly and it was like you wrote them in one sitting. :D

I'm quite anxious to know what Jean and Emma are up to, yet, I also don't want to know, haha. Logan, go to your boy right now and protect him from those sly vixens... (or show them how it's done... *cough*).

I'll stop clogging your comments section now. :X

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm really glad you are enjoying this series. And wow you flatter me way too much heh. *sheepish*

What Jean and Emma are upto will get clear in the next chapter and yeah Logan will be home with Scott soon :) cheers darling, and I am always grateful for your comments! Pls don't ever stop! :)


I swear, Scott and Logan will never get a break >.< Please continue!

They will they will! Please have patience :) Thanks so much for reading..


Okay. I screamed, I flailed, I fangirled, I'm done now. I can review like good girl. I can I promise! I like... pinky promise.

*snork* Anyhoo. I almost got to liking Jean in this chapter, almost, almost! And then she had to start going all manipulative bitch, I know whats best for everyone, along with Miss Emma, who I thought. after seeing her talk with Charles, would be more cool-headed.

With all their fancy powers and manipulative techniques, can't they see that maybe the feral, overly dominant man IS best for Scottie? Stupid bitches. This is why I hate women some times.

OK. Anyhoo. GO WOLVIE! And QUESTION Are Rouge and Remy going to be my otp? Can they? Ple~ase?

Love you baby!

Thanks for still reading!! :)

I almost got to liking Jean in this chapter, almost, almost!

Haha.. hold on to that thought sweetie, don't be too hasty alright :P And Emma .. well, she is still a competent telepath and a close confidante for Xavier but her infatuation with Scott makes her do whacky things. Nobody is perfect, least not in the series I am writing. Everyone has flaws.

And um, sorry sweetie.. Rogue and Remy will not have a (realistic) chance to get together in this series. Maybe another one perhaps? :)

cheers again! Glad you're enjoying this. *smishes*

Great chapter! I can't wait to read more.

Thanks hon! Glad you liked

Scott obviously needs a kiss from his one true love to wake up...Hey, can I volunteer? As long as you keep Logan on another continent of course. ;)
I hope Scott will get his powers back after he wakes.

Jean's meddling with Scott's mind makes me sick. How can you do that to someone you love? Emma's no better-I got the feeling she really isn't even attracted to him. And what is Charles doing anyway letting those bitches ***k with his kid's head????

Though a small part of me does want Scott's head messed with- the fallout would be delicious.

Waiting impatiently for the next chapter.

Thanks so much for still reading hon! Yep Scott will need his powers back and soon but my muse is not making it easy for him hehe. And the women.. yeah.. as much as I love Jean, she really did take liberties she shouldn't have and it may have some far reaching consequences.
I'll try to update soon. Once again, I'm so glad you're still with me :) cheers hon

Just started reading this when you updated and I'm totally hooked! I love how Logan's all stiff and protective when people are around but is just a big sweetheart (kinda) when he's alone with Scott.
I hope you update soon, I want to know what happens next and what Jean and Emily have planned. I have a feeling it will not please Wolverine.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'll try to update faster this time.

i really like this, i hope you havent given up yet!!! you seem to be nearly everywhere the super good x-men stories are :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! No I don't intend to give up on this at all. Hopefully I should be able to finish this series soon heh.. wish me luck! :) cheers hon.

I'm totally still reading this.

Thanks so much sweetie!! :) Emma is a bit of a bitch here I know..

i'm such a sucker for hurt-Scott

Join the club ;) *cuddles Scott*

I'm so glad you're still reading this hon. cheers.