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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

The Jackpot!!! Er... The Box!!!

I saw this picture and just melted! I'm a pathetic puddle of mush because this man.... this... gorgeous, insanely beautiful man almost makes me forget I have pregnancy phobia :) Dear sweet God.... what can I say except *sighs*... well done. *bows*

I so don't care this is wrecking my layout, here's another one!! How can someone with that greasy hair and those ragged clothes (that make him look like he just got out of bed) and with a kid in tow, no less, look so bloody fuckable???? :)

Complete article with more awesome Jimmy pictures and a trailer of his new movie The Box here... why can't it be October already?!? *pouts*

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Oh no that is Courtney Cox Arquette (Monica from Friends). I didn't know his hair was naturally curly either heh :)

Huh, really? Why I didn't recognize her? She's sooo different!

After the second look....
Oh yes, that's Monica alright!

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