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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

The Jackpot!!! Er... The Box!!!

I saw this picture and just melted! I'm a pathetic puddle of mush because this man.... this... gorgeous, insanely beautiful man almost makes me forget I have pregnancy phobia :) Dear sweet God.... what can I say except *sighs*... well done. *bows*

Jimmy Marsden HOT new photos...Collapse )

Still one of Hollywood's best smiles. (Yes, insanely underrated, but I like to think of it as hidden treasure. *grin*)

Abso-bloody-lutely!!! :) I was almost sort of feeling possessive of Jimmy when he sort of broke into the mainstream following the release of Enchanted and Superman Returns. But you know I think he is too gorgeous for his own good. People don't usually cast such a perfect looking guy in the main role. I think Brad Pitt was the last man who was so insanely gorgeous and still landed the lead roles, and then he established himself well enough to continue. But since him, there has been no one that "perfect" since him. *shrugs* Just my opinion heh.

I know exactly what you mean. Brad's such a fine actor (pun intended?), and it's good he got his recognition. But there's that new Frank Sinatra movie and I'm *such* a sucker for big band and I wanted James to play the old crooner. Haha. He's got the smooth-as-vanilla voice and the baby blue peepers, and he can play him younger AND older!! I'm still looking forward to it as Leo DiCaprio (who is set to play him) is among one of the greatest talents of our time... I just wish it was James. It could have been his big break, which is both a good and bad thing, as how you mentioned, I felt a bit threatened by the new mass of fans he got after Enchanted/Hairspray (because that meant more people to murder! ..... totally kidding. *cough*)

I supposed it's what James wants though, to stay out of the limelight and keep it down. I hardly ever see him in the posters for his movies where he *is* the lead role or a supporting one. Burns me up inside... then I get my James fix and feel sedated. Wee... :P