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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

The Jackpot!!! Er... The Box!!!

I saw this picture and just melted! I'm a pathetic puddle of mush because this man.... this... gorgeous, insanely beautiful man almost makes me forget I have pregnancy phobia :) Dear sweet God.... what can I say except *sighs*... well done. *bows*

I so don't care this is wrecking my layout, here's another one!! How can someone with that greasy hair and those ragged clothes (that make him look like he just got out of bed) and with a kid in tow, no less, look so bloody fuckable???? :)

Complete article with more awesome Jimmy pictures and a trailer of his new movie The Box here... why can't it be October already?!? *pouts*

I don't understand my attraction to James Marsden. He's too pretty, too young looking, not burly/muscled enough, is usually smooth-shaven, has no grey hair and in most movies, he doesn't get ripped up and bloody. WHY ARE YOU ATTRACTIVE TO ME, JAMES MARSDEN?!

WHY INDEED! :) To me he's like the most beautiful man on this planet and absolutely perfect in every bloody way and that's not right damn it! *clutches at hurting heart, headdesk*

brain off-line
attempt to connect in ... 5

ROTFL!! You too right? *fans self, runs to take a cold shower*

AAHSHAGHSA!♥♥♥ Iz love~Ans such a nice Daddy :3

He absolutely is!! :) That's what makes him even sexier!


Can he be just like that in every movie he does from now on?

Heh... Jimmy is perfection personified isn't he? :) And 10 years from now he might not look the same but I bet he would STILL be perfect! :)

(Deleted comment)
Heh... I don't see the alikeness but totally appreciate the sentiment. They're both goddamn perfect alright :)


I ask the same question to myself over and over.

Hey, it's that guy from your icon! I always wondered who that was. (;

Jen meet Jimmy! Jimmy this is the awesome Jen who writes awesome SPN stories, too bad you're in the XMen fandom where only I get to write you hehe ;p

Awwwww...just what I need, beautiful pictures of the man!

Thank you! They really made my day! *am preparing for work*

You're very welcome sweetheart! Besides its Jimmy, he can make anyone's day so much better and brighter :)

He's so gorgeous. Although, what is up with those curls?

Hey do not knock the curls! I LOVE the curls! :D:D:D

(Deleted comment)
Haha well I totally am in LOVE with the curls! :) Anything this guy wears or does is absolutely fine with me :D

He is just a beautiful specimen of a human being. The eyes, the dimples, the lips and that smile. Just makes you wanna....well, you know.

Haha yeah, I know :)

How're you doing sweetie? Long time!

All I hafta say is... dude, those curls. omfg. So cute!

I totally love this guy! Curls and everything! :D

Wow... *picks self up off floor and attaches face to computer screen* !!!!!

Anyhoo, isn't he just scrummy. If he was mine I'd have to lock him up otherwise wherever you went with him there'd be this trail of panting females left in his wake. Very messy. I don't mind the curls but it's the eye crinkles that accompany his smile that I particularly love.

Haha.. yeah, I think its why Jimmy hardly makes any public appearances except when he has to for his movies. 'Cause his wife does keep him locked up and away from the rest of us!!!! ROTFL!! :) Awww he's so cute *cuddles screen*

Is that his wife?
And I didn't know that James has curly hair!
Thank you for the pics. ♥

Oh no that is Courtney Cox Arquette (Monica from Friends). I didn't know his hair was naturally curly either heh :)

Oh yummy. But is it naturally curly, his hair I mean?

No idea love, but isn't it freakin cute!! :)