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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: Jared Wave

De-friending Amnesty

To the best of my understanding, this basically means that if you've been wanting to de-friend this journal for awhile, but didn't want to be rude or whatever.. then now is the time to do it. Because I'm asking you to. *squints* Least I think that's how this works.

Why? *shrugs* LJing can be weird - it is not exactly friendship, even tho there's great potential to be. But even when it's not friendship, it is sharing something very personal with complete strangers that you probably, if you're like me, won't be able to share with your real life friends, ever. Either way, I just think no one should feel obligated to stay.

Maybe we've drifted apart, maybe we don't share enough - I write stuff you no longer like, I don't write stuff you like.. we don't really talk... whatever your reasons are, now is the time to do something about it.


Thank god I can bail on this place!

hehe, j/k

*narrows eyes at you* Not applicable to you!!! ;p

Huh? Do you want us to un-friend you? I still read your stuff....I'll try to review more often if that will help.

LOL! I meant if you want to, then its okay.. I won't mind *sheepish*. Just don't want people to feel like they're obligated to stick around you know. Sorry I'm in a morbid mood this morning. Has to be the Monday effect I guess heh.

But I don't want to de-friend you ;__;

Sorry, lady, not gonna happen. You're stuck with me!:P

I don't feel any urge to defriend you, in fact it's quite the opposite. So uhm no, don't think I'm gonna defriend you.
I'm also visiting London in the first week of August with my Mum. ;-) Do you happen to be around this time?

I would like to remain friends

(Deleted comment)
And I am clinging right back to you!!! Love you baby boy *smishes* :)

I want to stay. I so goddamn want to stay right here.

Dude.. *sheepish*.. moment of weakness really. But I mean it - there are people on this list (not you, right?!?! :p) who're just being polite. I appreciate the courtesy, I do. Just trying to return it.

You're one of the first people I friended when I was new to the SPN fandom and I don't want to let you go, and please don't let me go ...


*clings back like Jared to Jensen* I won't I won't!! :)

I don't want to de-friend you :( I know we don't talk often but I want to stay please :)

Sweetie I wasn't going to defriend anyone myself!! I was just.. um.. *sheepish*.. making it known that if anyone wants to de-friend me then they should feel free to... I'm glad you're staying tho :)

Okay, sweetie, distressed is NOT the mood you want to be in when you go on a defriending amnesty. :P ::hugs you:: I do hope you're not taking things too personally, hon... please remember how many of us just adore you beyond belief.

And if some people aren't feeling like actual LJ friends, take the responsibility and cut them yourself. ::nods:: No frills or explanations needed unless they ask, and if they seem upset, you can always pretend it was an accident that you cut them and reinstate them. :P I probably sound like a total bitch now, but I'm a big believer that your journal is under your control. Your fic isn't locked or anything, so there's no reason to keep a bunch of freeloaders except the goodness of your heart. :P

Um I guess yeah, its definitely not the best mindset to be in period heh. But you know I did mean what I said.. I actually have no complaints against anyone so I don't feel the need to de-friend anyone really. And conversely, one should not feel obligated to stay on if they don't feel the need for this journal or me.. I'm sorry.. it sounds kinda pathetic doesn't it? *sighs* Maybe its the Monday blues heh.

While I admit I don't read your Supernatural fics, I have enjoyed your forays in the TF-verse, and what bits of yer RL you share. I'd like to keep you on my friend-page.

Thanks for sticking around hon :)

(Deleted comment)