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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JA: Stubble and shades

The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects: Part Four

This was a really great story! I almost couldn't go on reading past the first paragraph though, cause... I'm easily squicked when it comes to serious physical injuries... let's not go to where my mind took me when I read "crushed his hands", but I basically only read on to find out that it wasn't the case. lol.
Anways, I ended up reading through the entire story (it's half past 1 now) cause I was completely pulled in.
I love h/c and Jensen trying to care for Jared was heart breaking. Poor both of them... :) You dealt with the psychological issues really well I think, especially Jared's faith.
I even liked Kyra and female OCs are always tricky to pull off. Kudos for that! Seeing her trying to sqash her inner fangirl was kinda hilarious ^^

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon. I actually didn't realize the word "crushed" had such a massive impact but now I can see why it would.. *smacks forehead*.. thanks for that! Maybe I should replace it with something less fatalistic heh.

Glad you enjoyed the story tho. Kyra Sedgwick is actually an actress, she plays the lead on the series Closer? In this context of course she was practically OC but I dunno, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the doctor in my head and Kyra is what she wanted to look like *shrugs* :)

cheers again hon!

...I love you...I love you sooooo much...Marry me? *holds out plastic ring* PLEASE marry me?! ;D I love this fic so much!

LOL!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! So glad you enjoyed reading this. *accepts plastic ring and blushes* :)

I've been sitting here for hours reading this. That was one of the most powerful, real, heartbreaking fics I've read in a very long time. Of course, it's you so I knew I'd find something brilliant but the scars and the pain? It was overwhelming and I cried more than once.

Brilliant job.

ETA: I forgot to mention how much I loved that you used Kyra, and what wonderful character she was. Also, I'm glad that Jensen didn't immediately forgave Kane. I wouldn't either.

Brilliant, I have to say it again.

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Hey sweetie.. thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I wasn't sure if you read any of my spn stories at all.

It was overwhelming and I cried more than once.

Heh.. sorry it made you cry :) It's flattering but also as always I don't actually ever mean any of my stories to be so angsty but they turn out like that anyway! :)

cheers hon.

This whole story really sucked me in. I love how you dealt with something unexpectedly positive coming from tragedy. That's just how real life works -- except you never get to see the lesson except in retrospect. I love that Jensen never gave up on Jared, and every time Jared just gave a little smile, I could see it so perfectly in my mind. I also love the wave/rock story and how they both cast themselves in the same role, not understanding each had the same fears.

I also love that religion was portrayed in a positive light. Not perfect certainly, but still as a positively motivating factor. The slow reveal of what actually happened to Jared was heartbreaking, and to have so much revealed in the church was just...emotional. I felt like I was right there too.

Thank you so much for your work on this story!

Hey Wendy,

Thank you so much for your lovely review hon. I'm glad you were able to visualize the story, that's always been my aim, to have readers see the story unfold as if in front of their eyes.

It means a lot that you enjoyed reading my submission to bigbang. You realize you've unleashed a monster haven't you? ;) The Bigbang acc. to me is now this prestigious annual fandom event that I absolutely have to be a part of every year! Thanks for your killer organizing skills and I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors as well :)

*hugs* Rachel.

Very original premise and use of outsider POV. I loved the use of the wave/rock story here. Thanks for this.

Thank YOU so much for reading and reviewing hon! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed this..

I knew I wanted to read this, but I'd initially filed it into my "Guilty Pleasures" catagory for when I needed some fluff. You know. What with Jared drunkenly breaking his hands on Jensen's wheels?

Then I read the rec ou-peachus gave at her site:

I have agreed with all her recs (and probably should tell her so) and came right over to read.

My dear. This was nothing like I expected. This was an amazing and emotional ride.

I love how the details unfolded for the reader. I loved how Kyra was the catalyst in this story for Jensen and the rest of us. I loved that she actually got a chance to meet Jared at the end. Can you believe it? Like I laughed and was genuinely pleased that she got to meet him.

*gosh, m'I sucked into the story much?*

Even tho' I'd figured out what actually happened to Jared's hands with Chris's remark, it was still horrible to hear.

So much heartbreak, but so much to celebrate. For the both of them. This was an awesome read. Thank you, 'rarae, for your time and talent, and thank you for sharing it with the SPN J2 Community.

Thank you so so much for taking the time and leaving me such an awesome review sweetheart! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed my bigbang effort. And I'm also really glad you saw Kyra the way I wrote her - as a catalyst - the one who makes Jensen really see what's right in front of his eyes before he loses it completely.

And wow, I think I love the way you wrote my name - 'rarae.. like a soccer cheer :) No one's called me that before and yep, I definitely LOVE it! :)

Thanks again for making my day hon, really. cheers :)

omg love this ;D nicely done! Oh boys! I really liked the third person perspective of the boys... even though she only really got it through Jensen.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Really glad you enjoyed this. Esp Kyra's perspective, I know some fangirls don't like any women in their fics hehe ;)

the way you revealed the true nature of jared's injuries bit by bit made it all the more horrifying when you get to the end here. wow.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I know the slow reveal caused quite a bit of angst but hopefully the happy ending makes up for it? :)

That was beautiful. And different and fun. :)

Thank you so much my dear :) Glad you enjoyed this story.

Wow. I really liked this. I honestly didn't think anything could make me dislike Christian Kane but you proved me wrong lol. They had some rough times with all the tragedy and angst but I'm glad they were finally able to admit to themselves (and each other) what's REALLY important. Great job!! Any thoughts on a sequel? ;)

Thanks for coming back and reading love. And thanks for the kind words :) No sequel planned yet. Maybe a couple of timestamp fics but I don't know yet.. a bit disillusioned with this fandom myself actually ;) Am focusing on getting some X-Men writing done for now..

Wow! This was awesome. Such an emotional roller coaster for both our boys. This was perfectly written and executed so well. I love Kyra as the therapist and I loved your Jensen. He was awesome. This is one of the best bb fics I've read. Awesome job man!

Thanks so much for your kind words!!! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed my story hon. cheers :)

Awww, poor Jared. I love how you divulged the truth of what happened piece by piece. And good use of outsider POV. It gave a different perspective that really added something to the story.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! :) I'm so glad you dropped by. Yep.. this got angstier than I'd originally planned but hopefully the happy ending makes up for what happened to poor Jared hehe. cheers again hon :)

This is just... lovely. Thank you for creating an utterly realistic portrait of Jared and Jensen, and how they would each (probably) react in this situation. It's so nice to see a BB fic that has them both completely (at least, from my perspective, which could be totally wrong, as I don't actually KNOW them...) in-character for the whole story. Nothing knocks me out of enjoyable reading quite like a long, built-up angsty background, then BAM, hot!sex, and everything's perfect, THE END. So uhh... anyway, sorry for ranting. Loved the fic, loved the story Jensen tells Jared (and the way you used it to symbolize both of their feelings), and I really loved Kyra, LOL.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I didn't actually intend to keep the boys "in-character" - what is that anyway right? Its like you said, none of us actually know them *shrugs*. I just used the concept of what/how we in fandom like to think they are and wrote that in. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this hon, and thanks also for liking Kyra! :) I know many readers don't like seeing an OFC or any female character for that matter in their J2 fics hehe.


Oh dear! Only now I had the time that RL permited me to read your story completely.

And man, I'm blown away, like always. An interesting theme, I loved it! The build up, the touch of realism, and of course, the slow realization of Jensen that he can't live without our dear puppy. :D

An awesome job one more time darling"" /o/

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon. I'm glad you enjoyed my humble second attempt at bigbang heh :)

Oh! I read over. This story is awesome! \^0^/

Jensen is so tender to take care of Jared, and how Jay recovered form the terribble experience. I am really moved by this.
At first, I thought the accident happened to Jay was just like the news saying at the beginning of the story, but the truth was much more heartbrokin*tears* Just imagining Jay's hand was pinned on the cross.....I feel my hands aching,too.

This story reminds me of some crazy fans in Taiwan. They love Dean/Jensen so much, and they show their hatred to Sam/Jared as much as their love to Dean/Jensen.......
I can't understand why*sigh*

However, it's happy to see they have a happy ending. Finally, Jay can smile again :)

And Kyra is a cute doctor. I like to read the story in her POV. It is warm and fun to see the interaction between J2 from Kyra's point.( And seeing her struggling between the rule of doctor and a fan is fun, too)

P.S:The story of rock and wave is beautiful. I like it.

Thank you for sharing this good story*hug*

Awwww, sorry I'm late in responding sweetie and thank you so very much AGAIN for your kind words! :) And I would advise you not to pay any attention to these people hating on Jared hon, I don't! Let them be immature about their likes and dislikes, we should just keep our composure. It is their loss after all, they don't even know what they're missing hehe ;)

Kyra was such a blast to write :) So yeah, thank you so much for liking her and not hating her like I guess some fangirls did hehe :D Love you darling, thanks so much!! *hugs* :)