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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JA: Stubble and shades

The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects: Part Four

Hi hon!

Sorry it took so long to comment XD

I printed out the story and read it before i visited Never land. An let me tell you.. i feel asleep with a smile on my face.

And.. I could write a 1000 word essay about why it was so awesome but since i dont feel like it.. i wont XD But straight to the point.

I - LOVED - IT (Yes the chaps was very necessary xD)
Beautifully written and i loved how you portrayed the characters...
just... Awesome.

Take care dear! // Nagatzuna

Thank you so very much hon! :) I'm sorry I'm late in responding too..

I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed reading this. Your comments always make me smile like a loon hehe ;) cheers hon!

*sighs happily*

Finished reading it and you know, I always love the way you write, especially every time Jensen said "Baby" to Jared. It's like I can actually hear him saying it for real.

And also, I'd like to hear Jensen's voice telling the story of wave and rock. Ooohhhh, must be spectacular. His voice is just sooooooo soft.

Now, I wanted to be
1. Doc Kyra. She's cool! Having a patient like Jensen every other day, sitting in front of us, telling things? It's a dream!
2. Dietrich. :D I hate him, but in the same time, I want to be him. (I'm having a pervy mind here). uh oh, Hope Jensen wouldn't kill me. And do you think Jared would mind a girl like me doing what Dietrich doing to him?
3. JARED! With the prospect of Jensen as the boyfriend? Me me me! Me wants!
4. JENSEN! With the same reason as number 3, only it's vice versa.

Now, you created a new verse. You are going to make it a verse? Right?

Alright I finally got around to responding here, sorry for the delay sweetie! And THANK YOU so so much!!! *smishes* :) I'm so happy you enjoyed this one. You know I like to write protective!Jensen and his referring to Jared as his baby just.. to me at least.. fits :) So glad you liked the minor characters in the story as well. Thanks again hon. Make this a verse? Hm... I haven't thought that far yet to be honest :)

I think I picked the wrong day to read this, I cried at my desk and everything. Aww who am I kiddin' emotionally volatile or not, I would have cried at my desk anyway, that was beautiful!

Haha.. I'm sorry it made you cry sweetie.. altho it's also kind of flattering ;) Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing!

Wow... That was simultaneously wonderful and awful. Full of lovely moments of protective and worried Jensen and poor Jarad... what to say about Jarad? The line “What did I do that was so wrong, Jensen?" just broke me up. I was so angry at those stupid girls. Jarad, normally so vibrant, was so worn down in this I just wanted to hug him.
Great, great story. A "thinky" sort of story, in that it makes one think beyond the words being read, makes one ponder and puzzle. Awesome! You clever, girl, you.

Thank you so so much sweetheart! I'm always glad to hear from you because you don't mince words :) I know it got way too angsty and this Jared is drastically different from the one we're used to. What I think scares me personally about this is.. that even tho this is purely fictional and an AU, the level of obsession bordering on psychosis in this fandom almost makes a possibility of something like this almost real, you know?

Oh well, enough rambling from me :) Thanks again for reading and reviewing hon. *hugs*

there are SO many things i LOVE about this story!!

I love how you introduced the assault - making us think at the beginning exactly what the press put out there, and then slowly drawing the story out.
I love the relationship development.
I LOVE Dr. Sedgwick!!! She was awesome and real and FUNNY.
I love jensen calling jared his boy, and how you didn't make jared into a giant weeping girl, but instead managed to demonstrate how the event seriously impacted him and his life.
jensen going to therapy for jared is funny and cute and just gives me warm fuzzies.

i love it :) thanks for writing an amazing fic.

Thank you so much for the beautiful review sweetie. So glad and relieved that you enjoyed! And I hope you come back to read my reply too! cheers :)

There we go again 01/02

It’s strange.
There are so many things I could and should say, so many facts, so many things that happened, but all I can say first ist hat, honey, this was the first Bigbang I read, and most likely, if hell’s not suddenly freezing over while I’m not watching, it’ll bet he only one, because I feel satisfied in my longing for this couple, and that is simple because of you.

I didn’t care for this fandom for a long, looong time. Season 4 just wasn’t my style, my own life distracted me, and even when I started this fiction I felt insecure and unsure and still shacking from too much coffee, fearing I wouldn’t be able to finish this, that I couldn’t read and appreciate this the way it’s supposed to.
But I could.

You know, I do not like stories with them being a couple from the start – that kinda takes a lot of the whole accepting love/falling in love deal for me, and that deal is the reason I read fanfiction.
In general, so to say.
Fairytale gone bad was the first story I read by you, and it blew me away. Simpleminded yet brilliant, clear in its structure, heartbreaking in its style being as close to literature as I’ve ever seen fanfiction. You seemed capable, that’s why I stayed.
I stayed, and here I am.

I don’t know why, somehow this story made me cry so much though everything’s going alright, I mean, Jensen and Jared are fine, in the end, and there was Kyra, such a lovely character, and she was there and took away some of the heartaching suspense and intensity, but still, still I just couldn’t stop, maybe because in all your words, there is this certain voice of melancholy and being different from all the other authors I know, I don’t know, you just took me away with you again.
But maybe I should start at the beginning.

As said, I generally do not read stories with Jensen and Jared already being a couple, but the situation here is quite different anyway – I mean, that there IS something going on between the two of them is clear right from the start, but I really liked how one was not sure what’s going on, because, when they’re together, why are both of them acting so strangely, and anyway, what exactly happened to Jared? I liked the way you lead the main storyline; I mean, one was not exactly sure what happened with Jared and these stupid fangirls until the very end (and no; I didn’t see that coming, so to say, and I think there are lots of stories that would have make me turn around and walk away if I’d had to read something so clichéd, but you managed to form this cliché into something rally GOOD, something so goddamn worth reading and pure and simpleminded in its own tragedy that I believed you, that I believed Jared and that these girls really used the cross in this absurd, hurting way)
I think your Jared hurt me the most of many, many Jared’s I’ve read in my time of being a part of this fandom. Showing him like some sort of puppet made me feel uncomfortable most of the time; it’s interesting how totally out of character he seems to be without BEING ooc, simply because one learns to understand his reasons for being the way he is, but boy, you had me so scared in some scenes; I think the dinner with their friends was definitely the most hurting, not only because Jared acted so strange, but also because Chris really hurt me. He really, really did, and I think just with that, just with the way you put emotions into me that I didn’t feel for people before shows again how good you really are doing what you’re doing. Kane’s reaction was totally over the top, but I believed in his reaction and that it belongs to him. I believed in your characters the way you showed them.

Re: There we go again 01/02

So here's the thing with your comments... I long for them, obviously! :) But when they come, they leave me speechless - not sure how to respond and further more, they make me wonder why the hell did I not get your opinion on the draft BEFORE posting the damn thing because you always bring up things I might be not intending but are coming across in the story anyway. Dude!!! You're totally taking up the job of being my sounding board for whatever I write next! :)

Thank you sweetie.. thank you so much for reading and taking the time to actually thinking about it and writing me such an honest review for it. It is especially flattering to me that you made the exception of reading my bigbang, but maybe you should read others hon. You will find them so much more superior than mine I'm sure. I'm just glad you liked mine for what it is and you found the characters believable and relatable :)

There we go again 02/....03

Kyra was a very lively young woman, too. Reading how she looks at Jensen and how she tries to deal with her love for cigs felt very natural and human; I loved your characters in last year’s bigbang, because they seemed like real people, and you just managed that step again this time; you create atmosphere one can fall into, a universe for yourself and the people living there. That pretty much has to do with your style – flowing and soft, this certain style I feel so connected to, the one that reminds me of books such as “little Women” or “Crime and Punishment”, books that mean a lot to me, just as your writing does, too. I LOVED how you put that story of the rock and the wave into the main context and made it shine all the time between the lines, I just loved how both of them saw themselves as the part that gets ripped apart and torn away.
I just loved this. I just did that it kept me up until deep into the night.

Anyway – Jared and Jensen. It’s hard to say who frightened me more, to be honest – I think Jared really cut into my heart with his way of trying to distance himself from Jensen ( I SO cannot see them fighting without that my hearts starts to bleed as well) but Jensen somehow gave me the creeps too. I don’t know how much of this you wanted to create, but at first, I REALLY believed that Jensen had something to do with the accident and wanted to maintain control over Jared in this sick hurt and comfort relationship thing that was once very popular in the fandom. It just seemed – he dealt with Jared in every way possible, tried to make him feel better as best as he could, and he tried so hard and-
I liked the way it turned out, though, with seeing why he is acting the way he is in the talks he has with Kyra. It’s the old show – don’t tell style I already praised you for so often you will be filled up to hear it. You explained to me why Jensen is so caring, SO goddamn caring, and why I had this bad feeling for such a long time. It’s strange, but this story (and wow, I think you always chose titles filled with so much poetry I could kiss you whenever something by you pops up on my screen) really gave me a claustrophobic feeling, one of being caged – but in a GOOD way, a way that has to do with suspense and a little bit of helplessness. It’s this one where one asks all the time – what’s going ON? Why can’t you just – be together and love each other?!, which is all in all what I want of fiction dealing with a topic so extreme as this one.

Talking of topic – I really love the main theme you chose; this question of guilt and belief, the question of how much you can try to care for someone without breaking him at the same time, the question of why, in all worlds, accidents can rip us into pieces and make us believe that burden is all we are. I think Bigbang’s always the festival of NEW and DIFFERENT things, but all in all, you always met the same clichés along the way, and sure, this sort of storyline is clichéd , too – but it never, never feels this way. All the elements fit together nicely and create something complete and interesting, because, though Jensen’s love seems to be so clear right from the start, there still were questions for me like: ARE they going to be together? ARE Jared’s hands going to be okay? What happened, actually?

The flow was just perfect, but I didn’t think any less of you here; I know what you can and I know what you can’t. You clearly created characters to believe in, wrapped in a style that feels like chocolate in my mouth when I start reading, being presented for me with lots of space between the paragraphs, making it way easier to read (you won’t believe it, there are some stupid fangirls that leave a lot of feedback without using a single paragraph! …wait, I’m going to correct this comment right now@@) with sentences never being too long and uncomfortable to read but always long enough to stay in the story and the mood it presents. You own the ability to bind me to your story – but you still leave me some air, some seconds to relax again with jumps in time, setting, point of views.

Re: There we go again 02/....03

one of being caged – but in a GOOD way, a way that has to do with suspense and a little bit of helplessness. It’s this one where one asks all the time – what’s going ON? Why can’t you just – be together and love each other?!

Haha! I didn't realize the suspense was that intense? Was it really? Oh wow... *thinks* do you think it is something that might even turn people off, or is it the kind that holds people to the very end? And do you think the revelation at the end was impactful enough to justify the long suspense? Oh jeez.. see I SHOULD have caught hold of you before i posted this damn thing :)

You're right the story is really simple and cliched. I tried to keep the storytelling interesting tho, hopefully it worked. And really the one thing that's been bugging me about this fandom is how increasingly psychotic some fangirls are getting in their obsession with the boys. Of course this is a much more exaggerated version but the theme is really the same. How much is too much, you know? *shrugs*

you won’t believe it, there are some stupid fangirls that leave a lot of feedback without using a single paragraph! …wait, I’m going to correct this comment right now@@

LOL!! :) You're such a riot sweetie.. I don't mind your feedback in any way, shape or form you know that :) But the separator graphics were kinda cool yeah? It was my artist bobbinrob's idea and she made them of course. I'm glad you like my show-don't-tell style sweetie - it automatically translates into more dialog and less descriptive essays I guess hehe.

You made me believe, my dear. You made me believe in good storytelling, in soft, slow stories that still make me refuse to leave the computer as much as any stupid thriller CAN’T, you make me want to kiss Jensen for all his love and cry in front of Jared to move him, and I think that though I said it so often, that you are a little star that should try to achieve more in the business of literature. For the goodness of your smooth style, just try.

Is there critic? Well, I’m not sure. I just LOVED the massage-scene (I did; I mean – geez, when there’s something I love it’s scenes of pure jealousy, so if you ever want to write me a Sam/Dean oneshot…;)) but I think that Dietrich really was a bit over-the-top, as well as Kane’s reaction was. But then AGAIN – isn’t over the top the way we react in situations like that? And I also think that, putting minor characters into a light of overdrawing their characters and ways of acting is one of your elements of style, something I can recognize your writing with. The solution was nice, as well as the epilogue; the beginning was catching one’s attention, and the atmosphere was just as I expected it to be: there I was in the church, and here I heard the waves of an ocean (making me feel so homesick since I AM coming from the sea and so goddamn miss these sounds, my gosh)

I think you really, really are one of my favourite writers EVER. You just can DO it, hon, you CAN make me lose the day and spend hours and hours in front of a small screen, you CAN make me use too many tissues without knowing WHY, simply because your stories grab my whole mind and refuse to let it go, and your characters make me believe in life and that there should be a clear connection between fiction and reality, just as you created one here. You always seem to relate to people you know from somewhere when it comes to reactions and characteristically ways of being, so no, I do not think that Kane’s reaction, or the one of the families, is worth being critized.

Nothing more to say (and boy, sorry for all this…stupid stuff in here; it was neither objective nor very constructive, but boy, I’m sorry) – besides thank you. Thank you very much for writing this. I’m still not sure with bigbang I loved more; they’re both walking so different paths, but I do know that you showed me again why one just has to love Jared and Jensen, and that just being a fanfiction author doesn’t mean there cannot be a sort of gallantness and intensity, that there are authors, that there’s you, being gallant and intense and just making me enjoy myself very, very much.

Keep up the good work.

(and my English has become so goddamn BAD)

Awww... sorry it made you feel homesick sweetie. I do love the ocean myself. I think I could spend my entire life sitting on a beach in Goa and just listening to the waves crashing against the shore. It's just.... there is something haunting and hypnotizing about it all.

The homophobic reactions are overdone a bit, I agree :) But I guess they were both completely shell-shocked first reactions coming from two people who hail from the conservative South.. so.. *shrugs*. I'm sure both Kane and Jared's father would come around eventually :)

being a fanfiction author doesn’t mean there cannot be a sort of gallantness and intensity, that there are authors, that there’s you, being gallant and intense and just making me enjoy myself very, very much.

Wow... thanks sweetie. I... I don't know what to say! *hugs you tight* Just.. THANK YOU. That means a lot that you spend all this effort on me :) You're generous and open-hearted in ways so very very few people rarely are! And no your English did not get that bad, so relax :) Take care of yourself sweetie.. and thank you just... God thank you so so much!!!

Wow...I loved this so much. I just got done reading this in one go so I'm still a little overwhelmed by how many great aspects this story has.

Really enjoyed Kyra and seeing another POV. You built the plot so well I couldn't stop reading. The epilogue was perfect! My favorite line was Krya talking about sending a skeptic to restore someone's faith. I never get enough of life's little dichotomies. Thanks for sharing your writing!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed this story.

I really enjoyed this! The slow reveal works perfectly, and the doctor is a wonderful way of getting a realistic outsider's POV. I think my favorite part, though, is how real the boys seem -- they're not perfect, they don't get everything right the first time, they're easily frustrated, just like in life. The underlying confusion and fear about what their relationship has been while they were living in a sort of bubble versus what it might be after the show is over is heartbreaking but entirely believable. Great work!

Thank you so much! :) And I love how beautifully you summarized the main issues in the story.. the imperfections, the fears and the uncertainties. Really glad you enjoyed it hon. cheers!

This fic was quite a read. Enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you so very much! I'm glad you dropped by hon :)

Ohhh. Really loved this. Great work!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you liked!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much hon! Honestly I wasn't intending it to get as angsty as it did heh, but I'm very glad you read and enjoyed this story. cheers :)

Excellent storytelling.......You are extremely talented.-Imari

Thank you so very much! Glad you enjoyed :)

very compelling! Loved how you showed jared's grief particularly.

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you enjoyed the fic.