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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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XMen: Scott knight icon

Some interesting links borrowed from rilee16

Have you guys seen this: Prom Queen a guy?

And I hate to ruin the smile on your faces, but have you also seen this: Obama against gay marriage?

I guess the British media haven't caught up yet. Is this true? The big "letdown".. is it starting already?

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No worries hon, RL is kicking my ass too so I'm sorry I haven't come around either. That adorable Jared is from his pilot for Young Mcgwyer which never took off sadly. Isn't he just... argh... the term "positively scrumptious" comes to mind ;)

I read through the news article on DOMA and you know its like feeling betrayed for something that doesn't even directly impact me... and I know its weird but it is how I feel! I'm not even American but that is/was? the appeal of Obama - he transcended all races and nationalities and we all hoped he'd be like the Second Coming or something. But then he goes ahead and does this... guess he is just human after all.

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