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Some interesting links borrowed from rilee16

Have you guys seen this: Prom Queen a guy?

And I hate to ruin the smile on your faces, but have you also seen this: Obama against gay marriage?

I guess the British media haven't caught up yet. Is this true? The big "letdown".. is it starting already?

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I was shocked about the Obama thing. Shocked and disappointed. I would have expected more from him.

I know... and I'm not even American! I don't know where this sense of disappointment is springing from but its so strong.. :(

this is another thing that disappointed me terribly. I now have to wonder if all the promises he made regarding gay rights were empty.

I wish gay marriage wasn't the place Obama felt he needed to "make friends". =( -grumps-

Hey doll. It's been a while since I stuck my head in and said, 'Hi'. Here I am, waving at you. -wave- Hey, the Jared on your sidebar.. the one beneath the utterly ADORABLE 'dream a little dream' (which, can I say, I want that fic now? -grin-) ... where is this adorable dimpled Jared from? =D


No worries hon, RL is kicking my ass too so I'm sorry I haven't come around either. That adorable Jared is from his pilot for Young Mcgwyer which never took off sadly. Isn't he just... argh... the term "positively scrumptious" comes to mind ;)

I read through the news article on DOMA and you know its like feeling betrayed for something that doesn't even directly impact me... and I know its weird but it is how I feel! I'm not even American but that is/was? the appeal of Obama - he transcended all races and nationalities and we all hoped he'd be like the Second Coming or something. But then he goes ahead and does this... guess he is just human after all.

Aaaawwww and here the first story about the gay prom queen was so uplifting. =(

He was bound to disappoint me, I just didn't think it would be in this area...=/

Politicians.. you never can depend on them can you?

On the other hand, yeah, that prom queen story was really cute :)

Yeah the Obama thing is real.

And it sucks man. There was a phrase in another article.. Obama goes dark side.. heh. Frightening but apt.

I'm not really surprised. He had to give into something and he's giving into something that saves him money. In the end, he's a politician and when faced with money v. ideology, money wins. I wouldn't expect any differently from any politician, regardless of party affiliation. After all, DOMA was signed by Clinton (and God, it pains me to say that).



Kind of, and yes. To my knowledge, it isn't being hugely reported here in the U.S. outside of lgbt/queer/ally spaces.

It wasn't that I wasn't expecting Obama to let us down/screw us over in some way; it's the fact that he chose to do it in this way that got me (plus, the fact that yesterday the news in fandom started to spread that minotaurs had passed away; I found out about both simultaneously and together they just completely rocked me).

Hey hon.. I did read your last post and I'm very sorry.. yesterday was a bad day in ways more than one. I never interacted with minotaur directly but hey who doesn't know who minotaur was and what his contribution to slashdom has been! So sorry sweetie. *hugs*

Had to share the Obama link because that one is really troubling. The entire LGBT community must have voted for him, how can he let them down like this?

Edited at 2009-06-16 04:09 am (UTC)

yes I like obama and I’m so happy with the good things he’s doing
and the good heart he have but
there is things most important than other things I mean
instead of standing against the gay marriage
I think it’s better if he did something for the street kids
and homeless children for example
cause gay people are not hurting any one when get married but theis
children are getting hurt in the street right?

god !
no one is willing to leave the gay people alone

I agree with every word hon! Unfortunately politicians trade in the currency of vote banks. I bet he is doing this to appease another richer vote bank that he thinks he can't afford to lose. He's making a mistake, betraying the very people who helped him win :(

I think lovely_tatsuha spoke wisely. There are so many issues he could speak for or against, and yet here he is interfering in something that's no one's business but the people involved (meaning, people who might be in love and want to marry - whether they're gay or hetero). But unfortunately, that seems to be the road most politicians travel on. They're just interfering and two-faced. Makes me want to smack something... ggrrrhhhh!!!

Makes me want to smack them politicians haha. No seriously, this is such a betrayal considering the LGBT community came out in full support of Obama and actually helped him win! I can't even believe he approved the brief that was issued to defend DOMA - it is very homophobic in tone and implication :(

That's what I can't understand. It's such a turnaround and complete about-face from his earlier vows/standing. I can't abide hypocrites and he's certainly betraying the people who had such faith and hope in him. Australia's own "beloved leader" is becoming quite the weak-kneed and easily swayed politician, it's driving me nuts. I really think people in power lose sight of the reasons they were put into that powerful place and the people who put them there. The "bigger picture" keeps getting in the way.
Yep - can feel that urge coming on again - gotta smack something!

I think it's awesome that a guy got to be the Prom Queen.

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