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I did it! *headdesk* :)

So after a highly dramatic, nail-biting will-she-won't-she race to the finish, I finally made the bigbang deadline.. I really did :D *sighs contentedly* :D And now I'm bloody exhausted so I'm going to sleep for the rest of the day. It's just a first draft of course with tons of holes and is hardly readable at all hehe. But hopefully, I'll be able to get back to fixing it once my head stops reeling with all the new SPN finale promos... anybody else getting chills down their spine?

Following is the summary that I managed to write and send in like 15 minutes before midnight of May 2nd... it's a very simple and straightforward story really, should make for some light reading. That is, hopefully, if it sounds interesting enough to all you J2RPS fans on my friend list :)

Working Title: The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects

At the end of season five, the boys get ready to make a clean break – not just from the show, but also from each other and their secret relationship of four years. One that must now end so that real life and real careers can resume back in the States. To “celebrate”, they plan one last getaway trip together – a two-week golf vacation in Pebble Beach, California. But on the night of the wrap party, Jared meets with a freak "accident" that puts a massive dent in their plans. He still insists on continuing with their vacation even though golf is now out of the question. And Jensen is saddled with taking care of his best friend, something he is more than happy to do while Jared isn’t happy about it at all.But there is something else going on with the younger actor – something that goes beyond basic physical trauma or psychological impact. Jared is not the same person he was before. And the change in him is so drastic and so disturbing, it starts to slowly but surely break Jensen inside, forcing him to reassess his own feelings and priorities.

Other info: Slight AU but mostly the same J2 we know, lots of Jared h/c, bottom!Jared. And Jensen POV, which was surprisingly so much easier to write than I expected.

And now I shall really go to sleep :)

PS: Wolverine tonight, yayyy :) I'm excited!
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