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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Have you guys seen this? :D

I'm usually the last one to get to know these things (and I've a feeling I've said this before too *squints* ) but just in case you guys haven't... Jeezuz you've GOT to see this! :) It's a short film that Jensen produced and also plays a tiny part in... altho I'm still not quite sure which one he is haha. My guess is the guy in the blue shirt. You can clearly make out Christian Kane and Danneel Harris in there too..

Clownana = Clown + Banana! (the soundtrack is disabled but you really don't need it)

Part 2:

*giggles* Oh Jensen.. :)

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....Ummmm....*blinks*.....Just goes to show ya, when people produce stuff, it gives us a peek inside their mind *cues twilight zone music* ;D Was there a reason for this? Like a plot or anything, cuz it's goin over my head. And the guy in the red was Jensen?! It didn't look like him! ;P

I think they must have done it for laughs :D But it's so freaking cute isn't it? :)

Yup, it sure is cute. ANYTHING by or from, or hell AROUND Jensen is cute though. XP

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