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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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Have you guys seen this? :D

I'm usually the last one to get to know these things (and I've a feeling I've said this before too *squints* ) but just in case you guys haven't... Jeezuz you've GOT to see this! :) It's a short film that Jensen produced and also plays a tiny part in... altho I'm still not quite sure which one he is haha. My guess is the guy in the blue shirt. You can clearly make out Christian Kane and Danneel Harris in there too..

Clownana = Clown + Banana! (the soundtrack is disabled but you really don't need it)

Part 2:

*giggles* Oh Jensen.. :)

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(Deleted comment)
*hugs* It's utterly adorable isn't it? :)

*snort* Well, that certainly was...different...thanks for finding this. I'd heard Jensen had done this but never had seen it. Heh. Jensen has this and Jared has the pic of himself kissing a pheasant. Both equally amusing and both I'm sure get lots of mileage in laughs between them. Awesome.

Haha yeah.. they're both goofballs - not just Jared, Jensen too :D God this is so adorable. And if it weren't Jensen's idea, I can still see him producing/funding it to help a friend out.. he would sure do something like that :)

(Deleted comment)
:D:D Why's that? Jensen is the guy in the red t-shirt by the way, read comment by darkfan..

Awww it's been so long since I've seen it.
I love how many actors I can recognize from this.
Jensen is the one in red in the first part. the one who give a high five to Clownana at 1:53 :)

Oh that's right! Thanks for letting me know hon :) Such an adorable little project :D


What? Is? This? Uhm...I'm really confused. That black guy is in a cock suit, is he not? And the two kids as balls? Can I say VERY disturbing? What exactly was Jensen thinking? Or anyone really. So the message is what exactly?
I REALLY don't get it...

*cackles* There is no message :D It's just freaking funny!! :D:D:D In a geeky socially-impaired politically incorrect sort of way haha ;)

(Deleted comment)
Mike's sheep love story? I don't know this one!!! Link pretty please? :)

Those are awesome. I love Jensen.

....Ummmm....*blinks*.....Just goes to show ya, when people produce stuff, it gives us a peek inside their mind *cues twilight zone music* ;D Was there a reason for this? Like a plot or anything, cuz it's goin over my head. And the guy in the red was Jensen?! It didn't look like him! ;P

I think they must have done it for laughs :D But it's so freaking cute isn't it? :)

Yup, it sure is cute. ANYTHING by or from, or hell AROUND Jensen is cute though. XP

Oh and does anyone know which one of the "punks" toward the middle was Jensen? When the four guys drive up in the jeep?

Heh.. none of the punks from the jeep is Jensen :) He's the guy in red and a cap that Clownana high fives with!

B-b-but it said he played one of the "punks" in the credits! *runs back to check*

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