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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JP: Young pre-SPN (smile)

RPS fic: Rocking Hard for Jared (Dwayne Johnson/Jared Padalecki)

Title: Rocking hard for Jared
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Summary: Hollywood parties aren’t Dwayne Johnson’s thing. Really they aren’t.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Written for the Jared Padalecki Gloryhole challenge, prompt bysn_143snand nocturniquette1: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with a very drunk Jared.
Word Count: 2210

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I have a confession to make...the pairing is not a combination I could read (I tried but I really don't like Dwayne Johnson) BUT there was no way I could pass up a young, drunk giggling Jared, especially written by you.

So I copy and pasted into word and changed the Dwayne's into Jensen's, obviously I then had to pretend Jensen had been in Scorpion King but it worked...I loved it!!!!

Sorry to mess around with your work, but like I said I couldn't pass it by. :)

Oh Debz.. you're an odd one :D:D I personally adore Dwayne Johnson - there is something so freaking hot about him even though tall, dark and pumped usually isn't my type at all. But hey I'm so flattered that you read it anyway :) Thanks sweetie! *hugs*

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