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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JP: Young pre-SPN (smile)

RPS fic: Rocking Hard for Jared (Dwayne Johnson/Jared Padalecki)

Title: Rocking hard for Jared
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Summary: Hollywood parties aren’t Dwayne Johnson’s thing. Really they aren’t.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Written for the Jared Padalecki Gloryhole challenge, prompt bysn_143snand nocturniquette1: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with a very drunk Jared.
Word Count: 2210

Read on ao3

wow! this was incredibly hot in all the right places :)

Thank you!! I'm really really glad you enjoyed it hon :)

Good god woman, this is so damn hot.

:D Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it hon :)

You amaze me so by pulling off something like this! I mean it's the Scorpion King and Jared xD. I nearly burst out laughing when I read the part of Jared singing being taken to the King's lair xD. And you gotta love Dwayne's inner monologue! He's trying to hard to think with his head and not with his junior but failed miserably because Jared kind him in the palm of his hand. Jared may be drunk but he knows exactly what he wants, the naughty boy xD

And this description:

boy was simply exquisite – long shiny brown hair falling on the sides of his chiseled jaw to his throat, contouring his gorgeous face that seemed both relaxed and vulnerable at the same time. Every breath that left the reddened half-open lips only served to further melt the Rock’s resolve down until it was freaking fondue. And then suddenly, the boy opened his eyes.

Purely divine :D

I'm gonna put this in my mems because I don't know what is about them, I put it to your writing, but I liked it very much :D

Thank you dear for writing this ♥

LOL! I know! But I've always wanted to write Jared with a hot WWF wrestler and I actually had John Cena in mind next ;P

Thank you so so much for reading and reviewing hon, I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :) *hugs*

Oh god, I LOVE this! So so soooooooooooo much! When I first saw this, my immediate thought was "Pfft, she just wants to see Jared get manhandled." ;D But I'm so glad you picked Dwayne Johnson! I really loved, that even though he's so big, and Jared was so drunk, and it could of gone very very bad, Dwayne was really gentle and careful. ;D Thanks for this so much, you are a godess!

Hon your first thought was spot on. Of course I want to see Jared get manhandled :D All the bloody time!! :D:D And I'm glad you enjoyed this brand of manhandling. Goddess Yikes! I'm sure not but hey thanks for the sentiment :)

Hey, I am sticking with Goddess, so take it or...just take it! Don't leave it, cuz there isn't too many people who could carry it. ;D I'm a metaphor freak today, sorry. ;P Well, if you wanna see Jared get manhandled, I cannot imagine what would happen to him if some of the fangirls from these sites got a hold of him. XD Run Jared RUN!


LOLZ! Thanks so much for reading hon :) Glad you liked!!

omg! There should be more Jared being manhandled in the world!!!!!!! This was AMAZING!

I know right!!! Glad you and I think alike ;) Thank you so much for reading!