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JP: Young pre-SPN (smile)

RPS fic: Rocking Hard for Jared (Dwayne Johnson/Jared Padalecki)

Title: Rocking hard for Jared
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Summary: Hollywood parties aren’t Dwayne Johnson’s thing. Really they aren’t.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Written for the Jared Padalecki Gloryhole challenge, prompt bysn_143snand nocturniquette1: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with a very drunk Jared.
Word Count: 2210

Read on ao3

:squees: It's an odd pairing, but I like it! I love the banter ("I’m being carried away by the Scorpion King. To the Scorpion King’s lair. To be ravaged and devoured by the Scorpion King. In the Scorpion King’s lair.”"), Jared being so teasing, and the thought of him just being manhandled, mmmm! I love that even drunk, Jared manages to seduce Dwayne. Hee! And then of course he's fucked into oblivion.

In short: I APPROVE. A LOT. :D

Thanks for reading and for your approval hon :) Glad you enjoyed the pairing.. I so wanted to see Jared being manhandled so yeah, the Rock totally works haha ;)

(Deleted comment)
:D Thank you!!! Glad you enjoyed it hon :)

I have a confession to make...the pairing is not a combination I could read (I tried but I really don't like Dwayne Johnson) BUT there was no way I could pass up a young, drunk giggling Jared, especially written by you.

So I copy and pasted into word and changed the Dwayne's into Jensen's, obviously I then had to pretend Jensen had been in Scorpion King but it worked...I loved it!!!!

Sorry to mess around with your work, but like I said I couldn't pass it by. :)

Oh Debz.. you're an odd one :D:D I personally adore Dwayne Johnson - there is something so freaking hot about him even though tall, dark and pumped usually isn't my type at all. But hey I'm so flattered that you read it anyway :) Thanks sweetie! *hugs*


I was trying to read this while being distracted by little people
My roommate's children. ^_^
I am so mem-ing this.

you rawk.

You're very very welcome hon.. and actually I'm really glad you prompted this 'cause I've always thought that Dwayne Johnson would be totally hot for Jared.. manhandling him and such hehe. So thanks! *hugs* :)

OMG!!!!!!! jared and the rock!!!!!! loved it and i definately smelled what the rock was cooking!!!!!

LOL!! Yep Jared and the Rock :D:D I'm glad you enjoyed this odd pairing hon, it sure was a lot of fun to write! cheers :)

Hehehhehe oh I cant wait to see who else you come up with to pair with Jared!

Why just me sweetie?!? I'm hoping you'd jump in and pick up a prompt at the ficathon challenge yourself! Pretty pretty please? :)

Comforting him with gentleness that he knew no one usually associated with a WWF wrestler, but then they usually never associated homosexuality with him either. Man was he a natural born actor or what!

LOLOL. I love the humor and care in the middle of all the porn. ;D

*giggles* I just had to take a little dig at the man.. you have to agree his acting skills are a little lacking haha ;P But he's hot yeah? :) Thanks for reading! :)

I had zero sexual attraction to The Rock... until now. Damn you.

:D:D Welcome to the club sweetie.. I love the Rock! Especially since he's one of the few who can totally manhandled Jared hehe ;) *hides*

Mission accomplished! :D:D Thanks for reading hon..

(Deleted comment)
:D I'm glad it worked for you hon! Thank you so much for giving it a try :)

And um, the BB fic is.. *winces*... well.. uhh.. *headdesk*

I neeeeed an OMG icon. I can't even..you broke me.

hot damn

LOL! If you make that icon can I borrow it too? :) Thanks for reading!!!

Guh. Just guh. That's all I can say. *grin*

Haha.. GUH will do sweetie :D Thanks for reading!!



'nuff said.

Haha.. I'm thinking you enjoyed? ;) Thanks for reading!!

This is the best thing I've read all week, no lie. I laughed so hard there were tears. FABULOUS.

Really? OMG thanks so much hon, you're too kind! :) Glad you enjoyed reading this!

you did it! ;-DD

drunk twink!jared rocking the rocks off The Rock rocks so hard ;-P


Yes i did!! Thanks so much for the prompt hon.. I had fun with it and am glad you're not disappointed!! :) *hugs*