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JP: Young pre-SPN (smile)

RPS fic: Crazy for Jared (Chad Murray/Jared Padalecki)

Title: Crazy for Jared
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Summary: Chad visits Jared in San Antonio during their latest season-end hiatus.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Written for the Jared Padalecki Gloryhole challenge, prompt byandrea_deerand crazyeverafter: Chad Michael Murray, in the library.
Word Count: 1144

Read on ao3

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OMG, you wrote theChad in a fic...and he doesn't get the short end of the stick or come across as a total asshole. Plus alpha/top!Chad, with Jared! And the fact that lube wasn't needed because he had turned tha mutha out the night before (although I hope the condom was pre-lubed or something, because still, ouch). Finally the part where Chad almost hopes for a scandal totally sounds like his type of thinking.

So yeah, I don't even know you and I'm already in love based on this fic!!!!! I knew I wasn't the only CMM lover in the universe.

*adds to memories*

:D Yep I wrote theChad AND I wrote toppy!Chad!! :D:D A bit of a slip with the lack of lube but hey.. that's my way to tell you guys this wasn't their first time together hehe.. lame I know sorry :D *is sheepish*

Glad you enjoyed this hon, thank you so much for the lovely feedback!

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