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RPS fic: Crazy for Jared (Chad Murray/Jared Padalecki)

Title: Crazy for Jared
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. Not for profit.
Summary: Chad visits Jared in San Antonio during their latest season-end hiatus.
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: Written for the Jared Padalecki Gloryhole challenge, prompt by andrea_deer and crazyeverafter: Chad Michael Murray, in the library.
Word Count: 1144


Jared has always been the prankster, the experimenter, the one eager to do all the crazy shit. Hell, crazier the better.

So yeah, Chad’s not exactly surprised.

But then he isn’t all that keen to be outed in a fucking public library either, in the heart of San Antonio of all places. Still, there isn’t much he can do when Jared grabs his hand and drags him behind his towering self through the maze of dusty bookshelves and high-ceilinged corridors until they reach the ass-back of the third floor Anthropology section. Jared's enthusiasm, his insanity – it’s all contagious, and Chad can only manage a perfunctory token of protest before he is shut up completely.

Jared catches his mouth with his, jabbing his tongue in and swirling it around and everywhere until Chad loses all sense of time and direction. When he finally opens his eyes, he finds himself in the farthest, darkest corner of the library – the perfect make-out spot that’s clearly been used very recently if the lingering stink of sex is any indication to go by.

“Come on, Murray, don’t be such a wuss,” Jared hisses lustily, impatiently as he perches on the edge of a little study table by the wall and pulls his best friend in between his legs. As Jared busies himself with unzipping Chad and pulling his half-hard dick out, Chad looks around surreptitiously for any stray passers-by. But all his worries go right out the window when Jared wraps his fingers around the base of his shaft.

“You’re gonna get me in so much trouble, Paddy bear…”

“Told ya not to call me that.”

The mindless banter is just that – mindless, because all their attention is focused on the burgeoning erection between the two men. Chad’s dick, filling rapidly with blood in Jared’s skillful hands. Soon enough it is going to be in Jared’s ass, and damn it not soon enough as far as either man is concerned.

Chad moans and throws his head back, his eyes falling close on their own. He bites his lip to keep his unmanly sounds from echoing in the enormous dome above, although he’s sure their increasingly erratic breathing is just as loud too.

“Chad… don’t make me wait… please?”

And that’s all it takes – Jared begging is Chad’s undoing. Chad opens his eyes and the look in his dark, blown pupils is so predatory, even Jared is taken aback. Before the younger actor can recover, Chad grabs the back of both his knees and heaves the endless legs up from the ground. Jared takes the cue and quickly wraps them around Chad’s thighs, sliding backwards and resting his palms flat on the table behind him.

“Hold on tight, sweetheart. You asked for it, you’re gonna get it.”

Chad undoes the buttons on Jared’s faded jeans so roughly that a couple go flying across the hall. Jared whimpers in protest but Chad couldn’t care less. The denim and the briefs underneath are pushed down to Jared’s knees. Chad would very much have liked to get rid of them completely but sadly he is still aware of the very public nature of this place they’re at.

He pulls out a condom and quickly rolls it on. They don’t need lube, not after the amazing night they’d just shared – the multiple times Chad had mined into Jared, long and hard, stretching him loose enough for the next three days that Chad’s going to be in town. He doesn’t waste any more time and with one smooth thrust, drives home. Jared gasps, throws his head back until it collides with the wall behind but that’s not why he sees stars.

Chad seats himself deeply and completely inside Jared before he starts to pull out. This time it is Jared making the noises, threatening to attract attention they don’t need. Chad clamps a hand down on Jared’s mouth, holding him up and close by his waist with his other arm. And then he starts to move. Good thing he still has a hand on Jared’s mouth.

The whimpers and grunts grow louder despite their best efforts to muffle them. Chad fucks Jared with everything he’s got, pushing in and pulling out, then pushing back in with deadly precision every time. Jared sees white, make that red, red and white and red again as his mind is turned to a puddle of mush every time his sweet spot is poked and prodded. He closes his eyes and wraps his legs tighter around Chad, leaning his head against the wall and relishing the slow but steady servicing of his ass.

“Ah! Oh, Cha- ah! Uh! Please… harder Chad… ah!”

Chad smirks, more than happy to oblige. “You like this baby, don’t you?” Chad whispers uselessly. Duh.

Seconds turn to minutes, a timeless but not long enough period in which they are almost sure they’ve traumatized a couple of honest library-goers, at least. Honestly though, Chad is too far gone to care. Besides, maybe a scandal is just what he needs? Anything to stake a claim on his boy, get the freaking Ackles’ and Collins’ and Morgans of the world to back the hell off?

When Chad comes, it’s like an explosion that starts at the base of his spine, pulling his stomach muscles painfully taut, before bursting out of him with half a groan and a full-bodied scream. He isn’t sure who comes louder – him or Jared, who shudders into his release just seconds later, arching his back up and sweating profusely like he just ran the freaking marathon. When he starts to fall back against the wall, Chad grabs his waist with both hands and pulls him forward until Jared collapses against Chad’s chest. That’s where he likes to have him, keep him, his beautiful best friend, his giant-sized Paddy Bear.

Jared breathes heavily into his neck and Chad just stands there, bearing both their dead weights and more than happy to do so. Jared knows Chad only pretends to be annoyed and inconvenienced when the younger man asks to cuddle after sex. And Chad knows Jared knows it too.

“So… where to next?”

Jared looks up at that, his eyes twinkling with the promise of mischief once again. “My high school.”

“Fuck! You serious?”

“I always wanted to do it behind the bleachers. Hey, you promised!”

Chad groans, and rests his forehead against Jared’s for a moment before capturing the pouting red lips with his own and stopping the rest of the younger boy’s really unnecessary whining. So yeah, promise he did. And seeing how this is what Jared wants, batshit fucking insane as it may be, his promise Chad will keep.

The boy does not know this, and probably never will so long as Chad can help it – but when it comes to Jared, Chad doesn’t mind the craziness at all.

*** END ***

A/N: Pls let me know what you think?

I said it before, but I love this fic :D

:D Thanks again sweetie! I'm glad you enjoyed it..

Liked it the first time and loved it the 2nd...have you added to it?

Think there needs to be another installment of this for when Chad and Jared go behind those bleachers!

My perverted mind loved your Jared in a skirt in 'Game Set and Matching Skirt' fic and it has hopes that if you do write more they find a bag containing cheerleader clothes!!!!

(Deleted comment)
Oooohhhhh never thought of this pairing! Loved this.....

That's the beauty of this new ficathon going on at bottom_sammy - forces you to think of pairings that we haven't before :D:D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! :)

very nice possessive chad is hot. i hope you write more to this.

Thank you so much for reading hon. I'll see if I can manage another one-shot in the bleachers ;)

Ah, sweet San Antonio with dark, dusty, sex-stunk libraries... Yet some folks only study there? Lucky voyeurs!

Is it wrong that I like the part when Chad all but was jealous with the freakin' wall, among others? Like "You have to slump onto me, not it!" Always the magnificent bastard... *pets him*

Now I can't wait to see Jensen, Misha and JDM remarking their territory... *wink wink nudge nudge*

I love how you think hon and how you always leave me the quirkiest observations :D Chad jealous of the wall?!?! YES!.. I love that! :D

I'm getting the winking and the nudging but hey I'd like to do a little winking and nudging back at you girl.. why don't you try one of the actor prompts over at the challenge on bottom_sammy too? Hmm? ;)

cheers hon!

I've never read top!Chad with Jared, but it works. I love the banter and the inner dialogue that shows us what Chad thinks.

Nice work.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I am glad the top!Chad and the Chad POV worked!

I loved this! Certainly not enough Jared/Chad out there in the world and this was fantastic. Any plans for a sequel? So many great ideas thrown out there in this one that I'd love to see happen. :)

Thank you so much for reading!! :) You're right.. not enough people write and read Jared/Chad! Umm sorry.. no plans for a sequel yet, but maybe I could do another one-shot when the Chad-bug bites me next ;)

I enjoyed this very much. I don't read much Jared/Chad but this may change my way of thinking.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad it's made you think twice about Jared/Chad! Honestly I didn't give it much thought before I read the prompt myself hehe..

Guh, really, really liked it! Although it's kind of weird, how Chad can pull down Jared's pants, when he's got his legs wrapped around his waist almost...sorry, these little details sometimes niggle at the back of my mind.
Otherwise very cute (and HOT, cause who wouldn't want to make out in a library?) and hopefully we'll get to see them making out in Jared's old highschool!? *ggg*

Haha.. okay I read it back again and it still sounds okay to me.

The denim and the briefs underneath are pushed down to Jared’s knees
Which basically means Chad slides the fabric off his groin and toward the knees, he obviously can't push them any further because Jared's ankles will likely be locked around his waist. It's doable hon, not the best scenario but that's why I also added how Chad is conscious that they are in a public place and so that's the most nudity he is willing to work with.

Sorry if you still aren't convinced but thank you for reading! :)

You popped my Jayhem cherry! UNF UNF. Very hot :D

ROTFL! Thank you very much darling :D:D Oh and you're welcome too ;)

Mmmm. I loves me some hot Jared/Chad action. There just isn't enough of it out there. Feel free to write more. I won't complain.

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon :) I've discovered the Jared/Chad hotness very recently myself! Will try to get more done sometime soon.. cheers! :)

OMG, you wrote theChad in a fic...and he doesn't get the short end of the stick or come across as a total asshole. Plus alpha/top!Chad, with Jared! And the fact that lube wasn't needed because he had turned tha mutha out the night before (although I hope the condom was pre-lubed or something, because still, ouch). Finally the part where Chad almost hopes for a scandal totally sounds like his type of thinking.

So yeah, I don't even know you and I'm already in love based on this fic!!!!! I knew I wasn't the only CMM lover in the universe.

*adds to memories*

:D Yep I wrote theChad AND I wrote toppy!Chad!! :D:D A bit of a slip with the lack of lube but hey.. that's my way to tell you guys this wasn't their first time together hehe.. lame I know sorry :D *is sheepish*

Glad you enjoyed this hon, thank you so much for the lovely feedback!

A Library huh? Public sex is hot especially with Jared involved. You could have done a whole series of Chad and Jared having sex all over Texas! Very Hot! :0)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Public sex is hot especially with Jared involved.

Hah.. couldn't agree more :) Chad and Jared together are actually hotter than I thought they'd be before I wrote this! So hmm, maybe a few more one-shots as you suggested might not be such a bad idea.. let's see!

cheers hon :)

Totally not enough Chad!Fic out there. *g*

I adore your icon.. so Chad :D And thanks for reading!

There's just something about these two...I can so imagine this taking place. Hot and heavy, sweet and sexy. Loved your take on them.

Yikes.. I'm sorry I missed this recent bunch of comments hon - LJ screwing up my emails and sending them to my spam box again *rolls eyes*

And thank you again!! :) Everyone writes Chad as an asshole or sidekick and so even I never thought Chad and Jared could be written together until I did myself hehe :D Glad you enjoyed this! :)


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