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About Night for a Day... *facepalm*

So remember I told you how I actually wrote "Night for a Day" sometime last year and then totally forgot about it, and how I ended up posting it only recently when I was clearing out my writings folder and came across it? I just remembered WHY I'd decided to not post it back then....

This would make sense to the folks who've read my To Love, and Honor.. stories. You might recall there is supposed to be a third and final installment in this series which is to be called "And Obey". I wanted this installment to be a step forward in the three-way love story of Scott, Jean and Logan - bring the bdsm into sharper focus. So guess what  - I'd decided then that "Night for a Day" would become a longer and more detailed story arc for "And Obey" - to have Scott trade his obedience in the nights for Logan's obedience in the day, and eventually get used to it and maybe (just maybe ;P) even start to like it. But then I go ahead and TOTALLY FORGET and end up posting it as a one-shot! *headdesk*

Oh well.... guess I'm just gonna have to think of something else for Obey now... *squints*.. bet there's tons more ways to make Scott learn to crave his lovers' perverted & painful attentions on his oh-so spankable bottom hehe :P

25 days to Wolverine: Origins!!!! *does happy dance* :)

Tags: fandom: xmen, rant: me and my forgetfulness

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