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JM: Manip by Liz (Hugh's finger in Jimmy

About Night for a Day... *facepalm*

So remember I told you how I actually wrote "Night for a Day" sometime last year and then totally forgot about it, and how I ended up posting it only recently when I was clearing out my writings folder and came across it? I just remembered WHY I'd decided to not post it back then....

This would make sense to the folks who've read my To Love, and Honor.. stories. You might recall there is supposed to be a third and final installment in this series which is to be called "And Obey". I wanted this installment to be a step forward in the three-way love story of Scott, Jean and Logan - bring the bdsm into sharper focus. So guess what  - I'd decided then that "Night for a Day" would become a longer and more detailed story arc for "And Obey" - to have Scott trade his obedience in the nights for Logan's obedience in the day, and eventually get used to it and maybe (just maybe ;P) even start to like it. But then I go ahead and TOTALLY FORGET and end up posting it as a one-shot! *headdesk*

Oh well.... guess I'm just gonna have to think of something else for Obey now... *squints*.. bet there's tons more ways to make Scott learn to crave his lovers' perverted & painful attentions on his oh-so spankable bottom hehe :P

25 days to Wolverine: Origins!!!! *does happy dance* :)

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I hate you!!!! *narrows eyes* ;P

(Deleted comment)
LOL!! You're just lucky I like you enough to forgive you (before I forget ;p)

I heard today that Origins has already been downloaded over a million times. WOAH.

I know!! How sucky is that yeah? I'm still resisting it tho. Heard it's not the final copy and its got a lot of FX stuff still missing. Why would anyone wanna watch an incomplete movie? *shrugs*

Have to admit it is very VERY tempting tho hehe..

Edited at 2009-04-06 08:56 am (UTC)

Possibly sucky for the production company, but I still a lot of those fans will still go and see it at the cinema. I see it as like, test driving a car; I did the same thing with Twilight. I DL it to check if it would be worth the price of a ticket.

RESIST TEMPTATION! I know I am, I'm saving myself for Ryan Reynolds on the big screen :D

Haha.. and I'm going for Taylor Kitsch!!! He makes Gambit so freaking hot! *fans self* :D And for the younger version of Scott Summers. Whether this new actor is any good or not remains to be seen of course hehe...

Bummer for you. Consider keeping notes (oh but then, if you're anything like me, you'd forget to look at the notes...) ;p

Look at is this way - some very famous people were known for their absent-mindedness. Of course, I can't think of any right now...

Haha... thanks for the tips hon. I am getting rather absent minded these days. Maybe it's just stress from work.

Yeah for hearing about the possibility of the third part of your delicious bdsm fic of the threesome!

But don't hold much of your breath for the movie, just an advice.

Don't ruin it for me darling!!! And yeah, I want to write Obey and post it sometime soon.. keeping fingers crossed.

(Deleted comment)
*giggles* Thanks hon, I love you too!!!

(Deleted comment)
That's so amazing that you were able to identify the pattern :) Lets see what I manage to come up with for Obey.... cheers hon.

Yay for less than a month until Wolverine.

10 days to go!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! :D:D

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