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The Jared Padalecki Gloryhole Challenge - comment-porn!!

Just wanted to let you all know that a new comment!porn challenge has just been started over at the bottom_sammy community. It's a unique new challenge where you can slash Jared Padalecki with any actor, yes, ANY ACTOR on the face of the planet :) And it can all come with just the dash of kink that you desire ;) To know more, click here.

Vincent and I are organizing this little challenge because damn it we'd love to see Jared with guys from outside the usual TV-RPS fandom too! Like maybe Keanu Reeves? :) And Hugh Jackman? :) Ooh how about Al Pacino!?! :D

Prompters, Writers, Readers... everyone!! Do come over and help us build an archive of actor-crossover comment!porn, will you? :) Just one gentle reminder - it is specifically a bottom!Jared challenge.

Hope to see you all there!
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