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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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XMen: Scott in doorway (X1)

X-Men fic: Night for a Day

Title: Night for a Day
Verse: X-Men movieverse. Set after Jean’s death, but X3 never happened.
Summary: Scott and Logan once struck a deal, and now Logan is looking to collect
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: I wrote this last year and totally forgot about it. Can you believe that? *shakes head* I guess I wasn’t very happy with it then, but now I’m thinking what the heck. So brushed it up a bit and posting it now.
Word Count: 1780


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But rest assured, I feel that it's 100% safe to say that you are *the* person to come to for Scott and Logan slash...!

Really??!!?? Ah, well.. *blushes* thank you so much hon :) That's really too kind of you :) I'm really really glad you're reading and enjoying my stories. And OMG I can't wait for this new Wolvie movie to come out - I am hoping it would revive the Scott/Logan slashdom in a big way :D:D

swear James looks young enough to play a high schooler! *hahaha..ha \crazy/* No but really. He still looks like he's in his 20's and and QnQ I really don't know what to spaz/m about now.

OMG WORD!!!! :) He could totally have pulled off an 18yr old if he was given a chance - the guy is just too beautiful for words. *sighs happily*

Thanks again for the lovely feedback hon, I hope you continue to read whatever I manage to shell out next heh :) *hugs* And my stash of icons is just all the random xmen communities around! Hey why don't you look at my userpics page for the sources? :)

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