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XMen: Scott in doorway (X1)

X-Men fic: Night for a Day

Title: Night for a Day
Verse: X-Men movieverse. Set after Jean’s death, but X3 never happened.
Summary: Scott and Logan once struck a deal, and now Logan is looking to collect
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: I wrote this last year and totally forgot about it. Can you believe that? *shakes head* I guess I wasn’t very happy with it then, but now I’m thinking what the heck. So brushed it up a bit and posting it now.
Word Count: 1780


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Thanks hon! I didn't know you didn't like stuff written in past tense? Well it works sometimes doesn't it? At least some authors I've read do a smashing job of it. I'm glad you liked it in this one too :) Thank you so so much for your lovely feedback!! *hugs*

I've been ranting about the proliferation of present tense fics in Merlin on my LJ lately. I don't mind them occasionally (such as in yours), but when every other fic in a fandom is written that way it drives me nuts, lol.

Ah, I've been wanting to get into Merlin for sometime now but there's just too many WIPs glaring at me and I really should make the wise choice and finish those first! *sighs* I'm sure you're also narrowing your eyes at me right about now ;)

I know what you mean about certain things just bugging the hell of you when you're reading. What I really can't ever get into is the inclusion of female OCs romantically involved with any of the characters... that's just too much of an author included in the story and umm... no thanks heh.

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