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XMen: Scott in doorway (X1)

X-Men fic: Night for a Day

Title: Night for a Day
Verse: X-Men movieverse. Set after Jean’s death, but X3 never happened.
Summary: Scott and Logan once struck a deal, and now Logan is looking to collect
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: I wrote this last year and totally forgot about it. Can you believe that? *shakes head* I guess I wasn’t very happy with it then, but now I’m thinking what the heck. So brushed it up a bit and posting it now.
Word Count: 1780


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i don´t know why you didn´t post this before now... loved it! nobody writes scott/logan anymore*cries*

Hey sweetie, I have no idea what was goin on back then.. I probably forgot about this 'cause I was so focused and nervous about the spn bigbang that I was writing at the same time I think.. but hey better late than never right? :) Thanks so much for reading!! :) And you're right.. I wish there was more scott/logan to read and hopefully after the new movie releases.. we will see a surge in the fandom! :)

god I hope there is a surge in the fandom soon! maybe there schould be a challenge

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