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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young profile in blue

For X-men fans!!

I'm generally the last one to get to know stuff heh.. but just in case anyone hasn't seen this..

So much baby Scott!! *SQUEES* :)

Oh and PS: I added a huge-ass disclaimer to my X-Men page. Just for the benefit of the new people visiting this LJ. Just stuff I think I should make clear at the outset, tell me if you don't agree. *shrugs*

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Baby Scott!

*squees with sheer happiness*

*he's all I pay attention to in this entire trailer*

Have to say that the sound effect, of which Wolverine comes out of the water is totally hilariously ridiculous, and another funny part is that Gambit looks more like a magician in it, cause I'm sure letting cards float in mid air isn't one of his abilities.'

And this is not DragonBall Z so why the hell Gambit can cause an obvious shock wave by thumping his stick against the floor?

Anyway, no going to watch but am looking forward to possible Scogan plot bunnies to come.:)

Haha.. movie makers always take liberties with the original material hon that does not come as a surprise to me. And i'm still looking forward to the movie for baby Scott!!!! :D:D And okay a little bit for Taylor Kitsch as Gambit too hehe...

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