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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young profile in blue

For X-men fans!!

I'm generally the last one to get to know stuff heh.. but just in case anyone hasn't seen this..

So much baby Scott!! *SQUEES* :)

Oh and PS: I added a huge-ass disclaimer to my X-Men page. Just for the benefit of the new people visiting this LJ. Just stuff I think I should make clear at the outset, tell me if you don't agree. *shrugs*

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haha.. well i was just browsing through my old email archives and came across a flame email i'd once received :D:D Someone didn't like the fact that Logan was taller than Scott in my stories and that Scott was bottoming instead of Logan *shakes head*... I mean sure you can have your preferences but why take it out on the authors man.. just ridiculous :) Dont even know why I saved that email but anyway, the disclaimer made sense right after that hehe

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