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JM: Young profile in blue

For X-men fans!!

I'm generally the last one to get to know stuff heh.. but just in case anyone hasn't seen this..

So much baby Scott!! *SQUEES* :)

Oh and PS: I added a huge-ass disclaimer to my X-Men page. Just for the benefit of the new people visiting this LJ. Just stuff I think I should make clear at the outset, tell me if you don't agree. *shrugs*

:D:D It'll be a good movie me thinks..

I haven't, so thanks a lot! =)))

OMG, why can't it be May already???

You're very welcome darling :) And WORD!!!

Thanks for this! I'm so excited!

You're welcome hon :) I just want it to be May already! :D

Scott and Logan met before??? Hmmm...maybe there's a reason why Scott was so pissed in X-1. Failed romance, maybe? coughplotbunnycough

Haha.. yeah obviously all that UST has been persisting for years and years now hehe ;P And yeah yeah I get the hint :) I'm looking forward to the new fics that might be written after this movie comes out myself!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so so very much for the lovely words!!! :) I'm glad you told me you liked my XMen stories hon. This is a small fandom and Scott/Logan is even smaller so I'm always happy to find new fans I can squee with over this couple :) And don't you worry, there is no effing way I'd ever get tired of this one couple. Others might come and go and X-Men is the fandom I always come back to.

I got the impression that they were putting a team together AGAINST Logan?.. *scratches chin* Oh well.. so long as they get a little face-off and a snarky slashy one at that, hey I'm happy :D

cheers again hon. I'm so glad you're reading!!

Oooh, I hadn't seen a preview that long before. Looks awesome! :) Thanks for sharing.

You're very welcome sweetie. Now I can't wait for this movie to come out!!! :)

This movie ROCKS ASS. And BABY SCOTT?? awww the slash. awww, the possibilities.

*brain in overload*