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JM: Young profile in blue

For X-men fans!!

I'm generally the last one to get to know stuff heh.. but just in case anyone hasn't seen this..

So much baby Scott!! *SQUEES* :)

Oh and PS: I added a huge-ass disclaimer to my X-Men page. Just for the benefit of the new people visiting this LJ. Just stuff I think I should make clear at the outset, tell me if you don't agree. *shrugs*

i thought he and scot met up the first time later on? in the other movies huh?

Well, apparently not :) Or who knows maybe they don't meet in this one either? In any case now I'm super excited and cant wait for this movie!! :)

and what's up with the disclaimer? lol

haha.. well i was just browsing through my old email archives and came across a flame email i'd once received :D:D Someone didn't like the fact that Logan was taller than Scott in my stories and that Scott was bottoming instead of Logan *shakes head*... I mean sure you can have your preferences but why take it out on the authors man.. just ridiculous :) Dont even know why I saved that email but anyway, the disclaimer made sense right after that hehe

oh !! they were going after scott in this movie?

Could be! Not sure really.. I hope he has more than 10 minutes in the whole damn movie haha..

Baby Scott!

*squees with sheer happiness*

*he's all I pay attention to in this entire trailer*

Have to say that the sound effect, of which Wolverine comes out of the water is totally hilariously ridiculous, and another funny part is that Gambit looks more like a magician in it, cause I'm sure letting cards float in mid air isn't one of his abilities.'

And this is not DragonBall Z so why the hell Gambit can cause an obvious shock wave by thumping his stick against the floor?

Anyway, no going to watch but am looking forward to possible Scogan plot bunnies to come.:)

Haha.. movie makers always take liberties with the original material hon that does not come as a surprise to me. And i'm still looking forward to the movie for baby Scott!!!! :D:D And okay a little bit for Taylor Kitsch as Gambit too hehe...

I am so excited for Gambit!!! =D

So am I!! I actually wasn't a big fan of Gambit before but i started following him after Taylor Kitsch was cast for the role hehe ;)

Ohhh, NICE!! I'm loving the implied connection between the two in this. More evidence that really, Jean was a Scott substitute ;)

WORD!!! :) I'm thinking Scott/Logan is going to take off again after this movie *squees*

BABY SCOTT!!! \0/ \0/ \0/

Oh....the possible plot bunnies are endless! ;)

Ah tell me about it!!! :) And I HEART your icon!!!

WOOOOO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Ey Gambit don't have black eyes >:

Hehe.. well yeah his eyes go red in one scene in the trailer. So he must be able to like disguise it or something.. let's see..

(Deleted comment)
Hey sweetie :) So sorry I'm late in responding to this.. and yeah, I haven't felt this excited for a movie in awhile, not since the Dark Knight and honestly was kind of disappointed with it *shrugs*. Oh well, this one promises to revive my favorite Scott/Logan slashdom so I say let it be fucking May already!!! :D:D Okay end of rant ;P

And how're you doing hon?

And Gambit

I know right? :) I bet Taylor Kitsch will do an awesome job as Gambit!

(Deleted comment)
Umm... a lot of it is angsty in general, but I don't think anything has a sad enging per se.... *thinks* except Raven's gratitude maybe...

Ah hell, try a couple and see if you like hon :)

Sweet Jesus, I can't wait to see this movie!!! The hubby and I are going on the first day. *grin* Much hotness to be seen in this flick.

Yep.. I've got plans to watch it on day one too and damnit why can't it be May already!?!? :( My husband's not a big XMen or any superhero movie fan but hey, one can't watch stuff like Doubt and Reader all the time right? :)

Waaaa!! I had not seen this trailer before!! *lives under rock*

Thanks for posting this bb!

:D Its okay sweetie.. I'm usually the one under the rock 90% of the time, so let me have my moment here will you ;)
Hope you're well!! *hugs*

Thanks, I hadn't seen this before. Not Jimmy, I know, but I'm happy to have some more Scott on film!
And your addition to your X-Men fic page is a good one.

Yep, I'm happy there is Scott too!! :) Glad you like the disclaimer hon - should keep (some of) the flames away hehe