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SPN: After School Special

SPN fic: Blow hot, blow cold (Dean/Sam)

Title: Blow hot, blow cold
Rating: R
Summary: Coda to SPN E413: After School Special. Sam was in greater agony than he let show. Except Dean saw it anyway.
Warnings: Wincest. No graphic sex but nudity and, ahem, ice.
Author Notes: Advantages of staying home sick, you get some writing done, no matter how crappy or short or both hehe ;)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. CW/Kripke: please to not be suing. You can keep it if you want.
Word Count: 2185

It was bad enough he’d got his balls handed to him by a little girl, literally and painfully. It was bad enough he couldn’t stand without hunching, couldn’t sit without feeling the terrible urge to keel over.Collapse )

Now that's one hot way to cool things down, or a cool way to heat things up!!


LOL!! Isn't it? :) Thanks so much for reading love *hugs*

Wow, I'm blown away by another fic again. This was so perfect and beautiful and so very tender.
What I liked most about this is Sam's vulnerability and how Dean still treats him in a way, where his little brother can let go. Of course the way the whole 'kiss it better' scene is built up is exceptionally hot, especially because of the vulnerability aspect. *fans self*
But it was great and I loved it, how Dean cracked that joke eventually! =)

Your mood says sick, hope not sick sick. If so, then get well soon! ;-)

Thank you so much sweetheart!! :) I'm really you enjoyed this fic. Tenderness is one thing that they don't show on the show anymore and i miss it :( And yeah.. vulnerable Sam is absolutely my favorite kind of Sam so... :D:D

I just have a touch of flu hon, it can be so bloody irritating as you know! :) Why pray are no scientists working to find a permanent cure against cold I will never understand *sneezes*

Thanks again love, hope you're well! :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey sweetie!! How are you doing? :)

I'm so glad you read and enjoyed this hon. It was a really quick job, and havent posted anything in spn for such a long time that i wasnt too sure. But Dean taking care of a nekkid Sam never fails does it? ;)

And yeah I'm pretty okay now, just a touch of flu. Love you more baby boy. Thank you so so much!! *hugs and kisses*

CLEARLY this is what really happened. :D

Haha.. yes clearly :) To be completely honest I'm never sure whether you're being sarcastic or not darling, but here's hoping you enjoyed my little flight of fantasy ;D cheers hon.

You've been sick all this time honey?

“Whatever. Fuck you.”

Dean chuckled again. “That’s exactly what you cannot do, sweetheart.”

LOL love the innuendo! I'm pouting at Kripke for the way he's been writing Sam, so your fic's such a sight for sore eyes!

Thank you so much darling! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story :) Oh and I hear ya hon, I'm pouting WITH you. And sulking, and whining, and punching doors on my way out or in :( Sam is getting such a raw deal in a season that he could have technically TOTALLY owned! *sighs*

I came to thank you and look what I found...

This was sweet and hot and all good things... wincest.

Love it!

Oh hey sweetie! You're very welcome and I hope you had an awesome birthday! :) And thanks also for reading and reviewing my coda. Wincest forever right :D *hugs*

that was really good, i could really feel sam's pain...ice cubs up your butt..evil you...lol...

OH MY GOD! I can't believe I never responded to this comment sweetie, so so SO sorry!! :) And um, thank you. Again :)
I do think I should have had Dean slip in a couple more cubes up Sammy's ass heh. cheers sweetie *hugs*

Aaaaargh, how do I miss things this delicious? ::facepalm:: SO good, sweetie, though I'm starting to think you have an ice-kink. :D And this part just broke me:

it started to feel good, prompting Sam to softly whimper, the sensations new and oddly soothing. This, coming especially from Dean, the big brother who seemed to have forgotten to do soothing of late.

Awwwwwww boys! !!!! If the damn show won't give it to us, we should just write it ourselves, yeah? :D Loved it so much. Loved Dean being gentle but still so Dean and evil and the boys kissing and and and! ♥ Thank you, sweetie, this was gorgeous.

Haha.. well why yes I do have an ice kink :D And I hope you enjoyed it too! Just needed to read some h/c where Dean actually acts like the big brother he is supposed to be, with a dash of wincest of course ;P
I'm so glad you came over and read me sweetie - i do miss your comments when you don't, I'm a sulky little brat that way ;P


Congratulations! You have been rec’ed at spn_littlebro!

*jumps with joy* Thanks hon!! :)