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Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JP: *facepalm*


I still don't  know what to write. Or why to write. And there's gonna be like 300 other stories anyway. Give me one good reason to sign up. Please? :(

Lost? Why? You are Amazing

Okay, am not sure what everyone else is referring to, regarding as to signing up and what not.
What I do know is that you are an amazing writer. Hell, If I get an LJ account, is because Is the only way I can get your stories. (still working on what by the way, something about my email accoung already in use or something like that, but thats not neither here or there :P)

All I know is that everyother day, I check your LJ site in the hopes of a new story by you. I love the Bigbang universe you created. LOVE THAT VERSION OF JARED AND JENSEN that you created, and am dying to see more from that.
*insert cheerleaders here *

Re: Lost? Why? You are Amazing

Sorry making correction I love the Shipwrecked by the laughter of Gods uNIVERSE YOU SO WONDERFULLY CREATED which IS next to the words BigBang 2008 Is this like some writing competition or something???? Either way , I LOVE IT AND CANT WAIT FOR MORE.

So in like Bigbang 2009 do we get more of the Jared and Jensen you created on the Shipwrecked by the laughter of Gods story. Or does it mean you have to create a whole new story plot.

You know what I have been dying to see, part of the Shipwrecked by the laughter of Gods Universe story. You mentioned how Jared goes through all the Knee repairing surgeries, but I would love a detail short story on Jared like right after surgery or something and Jensen caring for him. SOrry i know talking to much.

Did i mention you are an amazing writer.

"I do believe in Cyndra. I do, I do!"

People've said a few hundread reasons already. That sums it up for me. Hope it will for you :)

:D Thank you so much hon *hugs* You guys together believe in Cyndra more than Cyndra does herself *sighs*. But guess what - I signed up :)

Just do it. Do it. No matter if you feel unsure, no matter if you regret writing or not-writing certain things - whatever you write, it so touches my heart and makes me feel proud of you :)

Hey you!! You keep disappearing on me hon :) Hope you're doing well with ALL your responsibilities! And thanks again as always for making me feel so much better about my writing skills than i usually do hehe.. so um, yeah, I signed up :D:D *hugs*

Well there may be lots of other stories amongst the Big Bang fics but that doesn't mean I'm going to read them all. I head for writers who I'm familiar with first who I know can deliver a damn good read. That's you, sweetie. As for what to write - personally I like first time fics, the more awkward the better. Also when I go wading through spn storyfinders I often read requests for fics that spark the thought: "I'd love to read a story like that, I hope someone finds it or writes it." Maybe you might find something similar... Other than that, putting the boys in situations far from the 'normal' for them can be interesting. You know, the duck out of water sort of thing. Teenage years is always interesting. Hmm... sorry, nothing original is coming to mind. But if you want my vote then DO sign up.

Thank you so much sweetie. I guess I could give it a try one more time.. still dont know what to write tho hehe. The plot bunnies are all good suggestions. Teenage years sure get me every time :) Let's see.. *starts thinking seriously*

Good luck with thinking of something to write! *hugs*

Thanks!!! I really need it :) *hugs back*

Because I love you? Because you've made me read a covenant fic even though I've never seen the movie? Because I check your page almost every day for updates?


:D And I love YOU!!! *smishes* Why are you so damn sweet to me?? :D:D Thanks hon.. yeah I did sign up after all.. lets see where it goes!

Your stories are the bomb! :D

that helps? xD

And look, I'm participating too! join, we have to spread the Bottom!Sam/Jared goodness over that damn thing!!! xD

And look, I'm participating too! join, we have to spread the Bottom!Sam/Jared goodness over that damn thing!!! xD

THIS helps!! :) Yayyy for participating hon! I'm sure you'll rock it! :)

I'm darn late, and I'm sure a gazillion of people will be able to give you more and better reason but...your fics always touch me, deeper than any other, and if you did write a fic for Bigbang I know it would be so worth it.

Therefore, just. Please. Make me happy once more and write. I love you even if I'm not here enough.

Therefore, just. Please. Make me happy once more and write. I love you even if I'm not here enough.

:D *smishes* You're wayyyyy too sweet to me you know that right? :)

btw: I'm participating too XD

Awesome! :) I succumbed to the temptation as well heh..