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SPN: Baby brother Sam (from Hell House)

SPN fic: An Unfortunate Sighting (see warnings)

Title: An Unfortunate Sighting
Summary: December 1996. The Winchesters make home in Boulder, Colorado where Sam sees something his family cannot. Gen Teen!chesters story.
Warnings: Non-explicit domestic discipline (spanking)
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Secret Santa gift for nocturnal08. Prompt: jackalope. Written in omnipresent 3rd person POV. You can read more about jackalopes here. Don’t ask me why I wrote haikus for this, *headdesk* I just can’t explain it :) Maybe I was inspired by the website I just linked to. The last haiku is not mine.
Word Count: 3135

Read on ao3

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*points* That is me, epicly squeeing.

I loved this so much, hun! There's so much going on here...The complex family dynamics, love and discipline, this bittersweet nostalgia, plus me thinking wrong thoughts about Sammy and spanking that I'm sure you in no way intended in a gen fic ;)

I especially loved your Dean here, at once tough and removed and cocky but also scared to death for Sam, and Sam in a panic at ever really disappointing Dean, and craving his touch like his father's...

Beautifully done, and nice and uplifting at the end there for the holiday :) *hugs*

Thank you so much hon!!! :) *clings* I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.

Sammy and spanking yeah :D:D The temptation for me was kinda squashed because of Sammy's age in this one but I so know what you mean ;P I'm glad you enjoyed the family dynamics hon.. this family continues to surprise me with how many different layers of emotions they've got hidden under that blank and tough exterior heh.

Beautifully done, and nice and uplifting at the end there for the holiday :) *hugs*

:D:D Thank you so much!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas sweetheart and hope you have a fantastic New year!! *hugs and kisses* :)

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